Are You Being Perverse, Big G?

I can imagine you laughed your butt off at those poor souls who had 21st May 2011 marked up as the end of things on our little planet – I mean, most of us here did – but did you miss a trick? Okay, so you and I have endlessly done the “I don’t believe in you, but I doubt you could care less” thing and, yet again here I am talking to this (to me) imaginary being who I don’t believe in. Yet, if you are real, would it have hurt your pride soo-oooo much just to back up these dipsticks who were going on about the rapture and all – at least just a little?

You didn’t have to end it all like the crazies claimed – yet again – but we could have seen a couple of the best good guys (or gals) floating skyward on the 21st, couldn’t we? I’m not exactly questioning your judgement, but it seems a bit unfair of you to me. According to the pundits – you know, the clergy and all – you made man in your own image. Well, if that’s so and with you being omnipotent and all that as well, you ought to find it real easy to think like a human (in so far as we do think at all, that is). Just a smidgen of evidence would be nice – a gesture at least that you understand us.

Now I know it’s always said that we have to take everything about you on trust – have faith as they insist on calling it. Well, that’s all well and good, but you’ve seen how that attitude works out with politicians, salesmen, relationship partners and lots of others – doctors even – so, “taking things on trust” now (quite rightly, if you don’t mind me saying so) kind of equates to being downright gullible! Don’t blame me! You gave us free will, supposedly. So I don’t see how you can be upset if we question things that look pretty darned unlikely to us.

I guess, on reflection, it would have been a bit of a stretch to ask for the odd candidate to be headed for the rapture they were going on about at such length, but there was nothing – well, that’s nothing apart from Iceland’s volcano playing up again, but that’s not new, is it? There weren’t even a few significant earthquakes that I heard about!

Of course, I imagine their abject failure this time won’t stop the “End Is Nigh” bunch from coming back on the next date some jerk calculates is going to be the apocalypse – they always do, time after time, and being wrong never seems to phase them in the least, but endlessly repeating the same damned thing in the vain hope of a different result is one of the definitions of madness, isn’t it? Couldn’t you either back these guys up a touch, or just put us all out of their misery by sending a few well placed lightning bolts to shut them up permanently?

Please… Aw… go on… Pretty please?

Cheers. Thanks for listening (if you did).

4 Responses to “Are You Being Perverse, Big G?”

  1. Very funny. I think they have chosen a new date already. Nutters that they are. At one time or other they probably will strike it lucky…eventually.

    • I suppose you’re right – sooner or later, if they keep on saying it for long enough, they should be right – although best estimates at the moment seem to suggest the planet probably has several billion years to go before things get really rough (like, the sun burns out)…

    rinse, wash, repeat.

    But, I’ll say this: That’s what the whole “faith” thing is all about.

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