And Now For Something Completely Different

Hey! Yup, it’s the Blog Spy here again, but I expect you guessed that…

Anyway, that’s “different” in a good way – at least I think so. This site (and there appear to be lots of others written and/or controlled/edited by the same author) is very different from many. Excellent photographs mixed with great posts and a lot of poetry – some of which (like this one) I found to be very sexy – I wonder if that says more about me than this blog, or the writer?

There’s one heck of a lot to explore, especially if you click on all the blogs connected to (or part of – I’m not quite sure which) this one. It should keep you busy for a while, so I’d advise you to make sure you have an adequate supply of coffee before you start.

I’m not normally a great lover of poetry per se, but this selection here just does it for me… See? Never say, “Never!” about anything, eh?

Enjoy… 😉

2 Responses to “And Now For Something Completely Different”

  1. Thank you so much for the accolades and mention. I truly appreciate it.
    I came over after your comment to explore your blogworld. There is much to see here as well…so I brewed another cup of coffee and read awhile. I have linked you in my sidebar and will be back.

    Excellent blog and writing! Intriguing conversations….
    And thank you again.

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