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Need A Laugh?

Posted in The Blog Spy with tags , , , , , on October 12, 2011 by AF

Okay, I’m done with serious for a while (probably a long while) and I know I’m often in desperate need of a laugh myself – it helps to stop me bursting into tears after watching TV news and such like…

Anywaaaay – The Blog Spy has been about again and here’s an offering from a great blog. I do think this website is often just plain hilarious. There are quite a few writers who post there and this is an article by “unknownmami”, a very funny lady.

Naturally, as always, this might just be down to my quirky sense of humour, but I bet it makes a few of my readers giggle at the very least.

The blog is the excellent “Aiming Low” blog, which incidentally describes itself as “perfectly mediocre” (though it’s anything but, to my mind), and you can see the post that most recently amused me right here.

Take a cup of coffee with you when you go over there because I think you might find yourself browsing around there for a while, once you finish laughing at the post in question.

I hope you enjoy.


And Now For Something Completely Different

Posted in The Blog Spy with tags , , , , , , , on April 26, 2011 by AF

Hey! Yup, it’s the Blog Spy here again, but I expect you guessed that…

Anyway, that’s “different” in a good way – at least I think so. This site (and there appear to be lots of others written and/or controlled/edited by the same author) is very different from many. Excellent photographs mixed with great posts and a lot of poetry – some of which (like this one) I found to be very sexy – I wonder if that says more about me than this blog, or the writer?

There’s one heck of a lot to explore, especially if you click on all the blogs connected to (or part of – I’m not quite sure which) this one. It should keep you busy for a while, so I’d advise you to make sure you have an adequate supply of coffee before you start.

I’m not normally a great lover of poetry per se, but this selection here just does it for me… See? Never say, “Never!” about anything, eh?

Enjoy… 😉

You’ve Gotta Laugh

Posted in The Blog Spy with tags , , , on April 12, 2011 by AF

I came across this blog, “The View From The Johnsons”, via a tortuous route. Of course, there’s nothing new in that for me and, on the face of it, it’s not even entirely my sort of weblog either – there’s lots of family orientated stuff – you know, kids and babies and all that. But all of it is so well written by a gorgeous lady, Ali Johnson, with oodles of that most valuable of all commodities – humour!

Just take a look at this article as an example. Can’t you just picture it? I mean, what would you do in those circumstances? Yeah, I know, I shudder at the thought of it too…

So, for what it’s worth, my recommendation is to go on over there right now and take a look around. We all need a little more laughter in our lives, don’t you think?


Addendum: One other strange thing about this blog – I know I said it’s not exactly my sort of blog, but for some reason, I can’t stop going back and exploring a bit more – odd that! 😆

A Difficult Subject

Posted in The Blog Spy with tags , , , , , , , , , , on April 4, 2011 by AF

Wearing my Blog Spy hat, I’ve come across something that I feel is both difficult to deal with and important – well, it’s not just something that I feel is important, it is important – it’s bloody vital in fact.

This, apparently, is Sexual Assault Awareness Month in the USA. I suppose that the very worst aspect of this is that it’s sufficiently widespread that there appears to be a need for such a movement at all – what is it with humanity that it can be so damned awful?

Sorry, I digress somewhat… Anyway, I came across this site and I was struck by this realistic and apparently honest post by a victim of childhood sexual abuse – I said this was a difficult subject, didn’t I? It’s also much more serious than I tend to be on this site. However, the post is not particularly ugly, or graphic, but in my opinion it does go a long way towards explaining many of the failures and difficulties of our current approach to this whole matter. If you feel inclined (and I hope you do) please take a few moments to go and read this quite long, but well written article on the subject of one young girl’s experiences and the views it has left her with. The blog is called “Sociology of Sheena” and is full of interesting material on all sorts of subjects. The writer is Sheena LaShay and, in spite of her childhood experiences, she appears to be a well balanced and exciting young woman with artistic flair.

The piece in question, to my mind, quite clearly indicates what I have long thought is silly – the daft idea that we should “protect” children from knowledge about sex, rather than discussing it openly as “just another topic”. Of course, one needs to keep what our young ones hear, see and experience within the bounds of what they can understand at their particular age, but attempting to keep children ignorant of reality and what is euphemistically called “innocent” is, I think, not only utter tripe, but inherently dangerous for the kids themselves. Knowledge is power and ignorance equals increased risk. In the case of children, they are instinctively more aware of sex (at its most basic level) than most adults appear to realise and trying to pretend otherwise is just plain ridiculous as well as doing the children themselves a huge disservice.

What we are often foisting onto our children is a composite of our own hang-ups, insecurities and embarrassments about a subject that is vital to both us and future generations. If you don’t try very hard to be open and honest with your children on this vital subject, then it’s not doing them any good. They have to know about sex, whether you wish that was so or not. Heck, they have a right to know about sex and the best way you can teach them is by being easy, confident and unflustered by the subject, answering any questions they may have in a sensible and appropriate way. When a young child first asks the dreaded “where did I come from” question, a simple “mummy”, or “mummy’s tummy” is sufficient – when it’s not enough, they’ll ask again.

In spite of its apparent prevalence if we listen to the media, serious sexual abuse of children (particularly deliberate abuse by paedophiles) is much rarer than many think it is and, in any event, an informed child is a forewarned child – just be aware that making them scared of the world, sex and strangers is not a good idea unless they can get the danger into perspective (and if you can’t, they won’t). Most sexual abuse involves someone the child knows and only becomes really serious because the child cannot spot it for what it is and talk about it to understanding adults who will not become horrified and make the child feel dirty, guilty or at fault – especially if, at a basic level, that child experiences some physical pleasure, whilst at the same time being emotionally distraught and/or confused – that is just nature.

Once again – please take the time to read the full article here.

Sex is never a bad thing, it’s a beautiful thing, but there are those who misuse it and abuse trust placed in them.

I Spy With My Little Eye

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I spy something beginning with “S” – Yup! It’s the Blog Spy again…

However, this time it’s something a little different. If you’re easily embarrassed or don’t like the subject of sex then I guess this won’t suit you – but then again, if you don’t like the spicy stuff, why do you read this stuff I scribble anyway? What? Did you not figure out that the “S” stood for sex – one of my favourite topics? Aw, shucks, honey.

Nevertheless, this young woman has recently started a blog and is exploring her sexuality and that of others in some detail and fairly openly – apparently both in writing and reality. It isn’t quite as titillating as it sounds, since she’s quite serious about it and writes with humour. In any event, I prefer the more experienced members of the opposite sex, but I imagine she’ll get there, as practice  (so the saying goes) makes perfect. On which basis, it shouldn’t take her very long.

Anyway, this work of hers is part of her studies as a journalism student at university and her writing is quite good, so why not call in at her blog and give her some encouragement, eh? She may of course cease to blog once her studies are done, but I actually hope she keeps it up after university (no pun intended).

The blog in question is named “Sauce and the City” and the post I think I liked most so far from this saucy young lady is this one entitled “My Mother, On Sex” – isn’t it interesting how the younger generation has this belief that parents can’t guess exactly what their offspring like to do in private?

Another Great Blog

Posted in The Blog Spy with tags , , , , on February 18, 2011 by AF

So, the Blog Spy is on the prowl once more and, of course, it’s another blog written by a female (well, you wouldn’t expect this leopard to change its spots at my time of life, would you?). When I read this post below, I was well on the way to being hooked on this lady – Krissa. Something about her sense of humour caused me to fall in love in an instant (but then again, I do that a lot). However, fortunately for both of us, some other guy got there and grabbed her first, but still…

“I hope each and every one of you are having the fun filled, chocolate covered, prelude to a sugar induced coma kinda Valentine’s Day that you do so deserve!


How old, unromantic and downright frumpy does it make me that I just want a new washer and dryer?”

Yeah, I know, kinda grabs at your heartstrings, doesn’t it? 😆

Please – just go read the rest of the post here, at HalfAsstic – heck, read the rest of her blog! I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Have a good and “interesting” weekend 😉

I’m Not Sure Why

Posted in The Blog Spy with tags , , , on February 10, 2011 by AF

I’m not at all sure why, but I really liked this post here, in fact I enjoyed most of the blog, which is well written by an obviously level headed lady.

I know I haven’t posted much recently and feel free to give me a smack for that (ooooooh, nice… again?). However, I have been rather busy doing other things and, for some reason that I’m not quite sure of, I have found the blogosphere somewhat boring of late… The fault is mine, I know, but that’s little help.

The consequence of all that is that I’ve been trying to search out for a few new sites that provide inspiration. I wouldn’t say I’ve been all that successful – when one ignores the fanatics, the spiteful and the just plain loony, it can often make finding interesting blogs quite difficult. I do find a little insanity interesting, often delightful and frequently quite refreshing, but I’ve never found it easy to suffer absolute idiots gladly (particularly the aggressive ones) and there does appear to me to be a lot of those out there.

That said, you might notice from my blogroll that I tend to favour those blogs written by women and, whilst I’ve never been a fan of things domestic, including the raising of one’s offspring, I do prefer to read the opinions and thoughts of the female of our species. That’s probably part of the natural heterosexual thing for a guy like me who actually likes women,  but for whatever reason, I found much of the above site just plain interesting.

In fact, I think I’ll try to make a regular feature of searching for new blogs and bringing the ones I like to you guys here – well, fairly regular at least (you know me too well to expect me to be uncharacteristically dependable, don’t you?)

So, when you have a moment, please go check out Barbara A’s blog and tell me what you think…