You Might Have Noticed

…or you might not, of course. However, the thing to which I am referring is the fact that, unlike some bloggers, I’m more than happy to get into a discussion with commenters. That, if I’m to be honest, is probably why I tend at times – all right then, often – to be somewhat “controversial”, if not downright outrageous! I like a debate. Heck! I love a debate!

That, I presume, is the main reason why I always try to reply to individual comments. There is too the angle that it’s my view of politeness that if someone takes the trouble to read something I write and comment on it, then I think it deserves my time to reply if I can (though I don’t hold it against others if they take a different view), but the truth is I love to debate – so much so that I’ll take any stance you want me to in most arguments and I’m quite happy to be wrong in the end too – if you can prove it!

There are, naturally, some subjects that I regard as really important (such as women’s rights and the whole equality issue, for instance) and, though you may not always (ever?) agree with my take on the subject, I do honestly believe at least the bones of what I say about such things.

Other times, though, I’ll say something just for effect – just to start an argument. Hopefully that’ll be a reasonably polite argument, but an argument nevertheless. There are very few situations where I bear a grudge. I can have a blazing row with someone and then shake hands and go round the pub for a drink with them. However, that doesn’t mean I’ll back down easily, so you’ve gotta push your point home!

Whatever the outcome, it’s good to talk, don’t you think? As someone famous said: “Jaw, jaw is better than war, war” – well, a lot of times it is, although “verbal war” between lovers can sometimes be so wounding that it is just as fatal for the participants as the real thing, or to their relationship at least.

Still that’s probably best left for another post…


6 Responses to “You Might Have Noticed”

  1. Hi Adam, I enjoy visiting your blog whether you’re stirring the pot, so to speak, or not. You always make it an interesting read and it never feels intimidating to leave a comment disagreeing with you. That doesn’t happen on all blogs.

    You know I’ll be back soon. jj

    • Hi, jj. Nice to hear from you again. Thanks a lot. That’s exactly the feeling I hope to create, so I take that as a great compliment. Thanks again and, as you know, I’m always pleased to receive anything from you.

  2. I always reply to comments too. It’s like you’re grateful for taking their precious time to read your blog. Sometimes I reply via email. It’s great to hear that you regard women’s right as something really important.
    I don’t want to argue but I don’t want to prove nothing especially when I have a valid point or when I know I’m right.

    • Well. yes of course. I do though enjoy debate – it’s one thing that particularly defines humanity because it requires detailed communication and it you get it wrong, the other participant cannot understand, but you can then clarify and so on.

  3. I know exactly what you do and it makes blogging more enjoyable to say the least. There used to be far more of that sort of thing when I first started blogging but not so much now. Be as contentious as you like, I think you are great and what you have to say, tongue in cheek or not, is interesting and sparks ‘thinking’ about various issues. I shall have to catch up on your blog – been preoccupied for the better part of a year I think!

    • Thank you – to me at least that is a HUGE compliment…

      Yes, I understand, but you have been sorely missed. 😦

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