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And Now For Something Completely Different

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Hey! Yup, it’s the Blog Spy here again, but I expect you guessed that…

Anyway, that’s “different” in a good way – at least I think so. This site (and there appear to be lots of others written and/or controlled/edited by the same author) is very different from many. Excellent photographs mixed with great posts and a lot of poetry – some of which (like this one) I found to be very sexy – I wonder if that says more about me than this blog, or the writer?

There’s one heck of a lot to explore, especially if you click on all the blogs connected to (or part of – I’m not quite sure which) this one. It should keep you busy for a while, so I’d advise you to make sure you have an adequate supply of coffee before you start.

I’m not normally a great lover of poetry per se, but this selection here just does it for me… See? Never say, “Never!” about anything, eh?

Enjoy… 😉

Speaking Of Porn

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Well, all right… thinking about it then, which I was… Look! This is a bit personal and maybe even revealing about me, but it’s just between us few and we’re all friends here, right? And I’m a guy, right? Right? OK then… back to my favourite subject – sex!

Anywaaaaaay, I was thinking about porn and that was after glancing through some very explicit pictures that someone had sent me. They were, incidentally, all just of women – very naked and very much on their own – not couples and so on, which don’t greatly appeal to me anyway. In fact, some would probably call it nude art and there was certainly an element of that – it undoubtedly involved some superb photography. However, it was all part of a bit of a joke, (and very funny too, but not one to be aired here, I hasten to add). Oh and, before anyone calls me a liar, yes, I was only glancing through them (mostly fairly uninterestedly as it happens too) and not drooling, as I’m sure some will immediately assume – not that I regard my interest in the female form as being anything but natural, or in any way anything to be embarrassed about.

So, anyways, I digress, I was looking at these photos and it occurred to me that I may be… well, unusual (I prefer to stop short of admitting to peculiar). The reason that thought crossed my mind is that, although the photos were mostly of classically beautiful young women and many were extremely intimate and explicit (and I do mean explicit with close-ups and all), there was only one picture out of a whole bunch that was even remotely “wow!” to me and I tried to figure out why…

I just know this is going to sound daft, not to say weird, to a lot of guys, but the reason was simple – it was in the eyes. Yeah, I know all the old jokes about not looking at the mantelshelf while you’re poking the fire, but that for me, was a fact!

Sure, I can look at the rear view of a woman and say “Nice ass!” – if I know her well and we’re friends I might even say it out loud, but just in a photo of a stranger it’s rare for me to find anything really exciting about a picture that doesn’t include the eyes. Yet it’s not even solely the eyes – it’s the look in the eyes and even the woman’s whole expression.

So, there you have it… What? Oh, the one that turned me on… Well, it was certainly, as I’ve said, explicit, but this young woman wasn’t exactly classically beautiful, yet she was to me absolutely gorgeous and her whole expression was… natural, I guess. She was uninhibited, which I like – totally confident in her nudity – but not trying to be especially sexy and yet her expression and her eyes – oh, those eyes – somehow said, “Come on, honey. Let’s just go to bed, shall we?”

Yeah, right! I wish!

It does, though, support what I’ve always believed – that sexual chemistry is the most important element in sexual attraction and the most highly erogenous zone for all of us is the mind…

This Blogging Thing

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It’s weird! Just weird…

As I’ve said before, there are lots of different blogs and just as many reasons for blogging. For instance… There are the “expert” blogs about almost everything and from all sorts of people, some of whom have a very doubtful level of expertise indeed. There are also the “hard-line” blogs too, from the religious and/or political extremists who are always convinced that they are right in all things, despite any evidence there may well be to the contrary. The writers of those sort of blogs, of course, are intent upon telling the whole goddam world of their special knowledge and are hell bent upon converting the planet to their way of thinking.

I guess we can all see how the commercial and corporate blogs and the “How to Make a Million Dollars in Ten Minutes” ones would want it to be that way, but as to the rest… well, I have no idea why they have that so desperate need to be believed and “spread the word”, but there it is.

Ordinary blogs, though, like this one and a whole host of others ranging from “My Life as a Whore in Afghanistan” to “Little Willy Growing Up” to “What to Eat on Thursdays” and everything in between are much more personal and we tend to think of our readers as friends that we are chatting, joking and even sharing confidences with.

In reality of course, when babbling away like that, we may potentially be telling the whole world of the internet that our spouse has contracted a socially embarrassing disease, or even that our little Willy has a little willy, or whatever. Yet few of us give that more than a passing thought at the time, not because we don’t care, but because, in our minds, we’re just chatting to the few friends we’re writing for and they wouldn’t say anything to strangers, would they?

It can be extremely embarrassing and hurtful for third parties and, often, we wouldn’t hurt those people for anything in the world! And yet, as with all our words and actions, we accidentally do, sometimes, don’t we?

Ho hum… nothing in life is ever as simple as it at first appears, is it?


I Feel A Need

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I’m quite possibly going to regret opening my big mouth here, but I was never one to do the expedient thing and  there’s something that I can’t get out of my head and it’s bugging me. Over at “Let’s Have A Cocktail” Jenny Mac wrote this post about something that was apparently in Vanity Fair and I’m confused by it. It’s about Ryan O’Neal and his daughter Tatum and everyone seems to be up in arms about it. And the thing that bothers me most is probably the fact that I just don’t get it.

I should point out here that I’m not American (as I’m sure most people reading this will know), nor do I have a clue who Run DMC are (is?), or read Vanity Fair, so I am at something of a disadvantage in this. To be brutally honest, not only do I not know much about Ryan O’Neal or his daughter, but under normal circumstances, I could hardly care less about any of this.

And yet it’s bugging me. Why are people I regard as educated and liberal minded so incensed by this? If they are, then why am I not?

Okay, perhaps I should just recap what I know of this (which isn’t much). It seems that Ryan O’Neal was at the funeral of his long term lover Farrah Fawcett who died earlier this year. Now, he’s perhaps got a few drink related problems as (apparently) has his daughter the thirty six year old Tatum who someone commented looked ten years older than that. It seems that, briefly and rather clumsily he “hit on Tatum” when she came up to him at the funeral and flung her arms around him – apparently because he didn’t immediately recognise her, or did he and he was just joking (perhaps in poor taste)?

I agree that, on the face of it, that action sounds kind of gross to be polite about it. But is it? More to the point (in my opinion) why is it of concern to the rest of us? I don’t have any idea what this man’s relationship is with his daughter: Does he see her regularly? Has he seen her for years? Do they both even live in the same country? Had she just come out of rehab, or was she perhaps more than ready to go back in at the time?

What I do know is that he and Farrah Fawcett had a better relationship than many I know and that they were close; he had been a major strength to her during her long and very public fight against cancer; and they had stood together through an horrendously traumatic time whilst she, to be blunt about it, was dying and they both knew it.

I cannot imagine doing that! For that matter, I can’t imagine allowing anyone close to me to be involved in something that painful with me. So, whatever sort of a heel some people might think he is, or was, during this episode, I for one am more than prepared to cut the guy a little slack! So, he was probably drunk (out of his skull maybe – I know I might well have been in his situation). So, maybe it was in rather bad taste to supposedly hit on another woman at his lover’s funeral, but hey, which of us knows what instructions Farrah gave him? Like maybe “go out and get laid the day I die!” It’s not unusual for a genuine lover to say something silly like that.

However, we’re not talking here even about any serious approach as far as I’m aware – we’re just talking about a guy who was probably drunk, may have been stricken with grief and not thinking very straight and almost certainly not paying attention to the woman who approached him and who might well have been pretty unrecognisable at the time. On that point I should say that I’ve stood in a car-park full of people in the UK and not recognised my own daughter who I hadn’t seen for a couple of years – until she spoke at least – because boy, had she put on some weight at the time and I was, frankly, shocked! Heck, these guys might just have been joking around for all we know.

One last thing I’d like to say on this and then I’m going to shut up and try to forget it – Ryan O’Neal is, I believe of Irish descent and their idea (as far as I understand it) is not to mourn the dead, but to celebrate the fact that the person lived and mattered to us and I think that’s a very good way to regard Farrah Fawcett. So, I don’t think people should apply their particular conventions to someone else’s behaviour in a situation like this that doesn’t affect them directly – in this case, as far as I know, we’re not even talking about someone they know.

I apologise to all you ladies (and a few guys) who I might have upset by this little outburst. I might have got it wrong, in which case I’m sorry for that too. But just this once I really disagree with you all – not least because I don’t think it really matters a damn what Ryan O’Neal did or didn’t say, whenever it was – and Tatum O’Neal is, I’m sure, more than capable of putting him straight if he was out of order with her. They’re celebrities for heaven’s sake! Who cares?

Unbelievable Talent!

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This young Ukrainian woman must be one of the most talented artists I have ever come across anywhere!

The speed with which she produces such powerful and emotive images is incredible. To me, it’s a superb performance and yet it’s also artistic creation, fabulous talent, emotion, history, passion, anguish and love all in one place at one time…

It’s All There in Black and White.

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The publishing industry, like many others at the moment, is currently in what I think can fairly be described as a somewhat parlous state. That is I suppose in large measure due to the economic circumstances of our time – i.e. yet another victim of the hugely greedy bankers (or do you spell that with a ‘w’). There are also, though, enormous changes taking place, not least because of the Internet, the effects of which have I suspect hardly even begun to be felt yet. 

I personally am at a stage in my life when two things seem apparent to me: firstly, a lot of the time we are seemingly daily bombarded with so much crisis and doom and gloom on TV and in the newspapers and elsewhere that, when I read a book or watch a TV show or film, I simply want to be entertained – to escape – to laugh, or even to cry more for joy than for sorrow and I think many people are suffering from this ‘doom overload’ that is afflicting me; secondly, publishers are looking for ever more certain winners in terms of profit – the fast buck that comes from either an already established author, or more frequently than ever, anything (who writes this stuff doesn’t matter a darn) that has a name tag to it that is instantly recognisable by the book buying public. Famous or infamous is irrelevant, the name is the thing. As Jennifer Astle has pointed out in this post…

“It seems as though another pre-packaged celebrity is going to stretch out her fifteen minutes of fame by penning a memoir about the trials and tribulations of being a 22 year old, heterosexual, rich, white, blonde, beauty pageant winner.  Move on Anne Frank, Carrie Prejean has a story to tell.” (full post here)

I’ve never thought that the publishing industry, or the media in general was as altruistically full of the integrity they would have us believe, but then which of us is? However, in these strained economic times, it does seem that they are becoming even less prepared to allow mere facts to get in the way of selling what they can, however they can. I can’t say I entirely blame them for giving the public what it wants, or attempting to, but it does raise some serious questions, as this superb post by successful female TV Producer Maria Lokken shows…

“There’s a controversy brewing over a new Young Adult book about to be released in the US entitled “Liar.” The book, written by Australian author Justine Larbalestier is about a black teenager named Micah. However, the cover art, beautiful as it is, is of a white girl with long straight hair.” (full post here)

To some extent, this situation may well say far more about the book buying public than the publishing industry itself and I suppose it’s also a very reasonable argument to say that, particularly when times are this financially tough, a corporation’s gotta do what a corporation’s gotta do. Nevertheless, it’s also an entirely valid question to ask just how far we are any of us entitled to go in pandering to another’s less than laudable emotions and attitudes, simply in order to make a sale.

All that said, the really sad thing is, as Maria points out, these marketing guys are probably just plain wrong and it would be a whole lot better for everyone if they simply took the trouble to get their facts right in the first place.