Sex Is What It’s All About

Although I’ve put this under the category “Scandalous” I have to admit that I rarely see anything scandalous in sex at all – not that there’s any less of the voyeur in me than in most people, I just regard our need and drive to have sex as so basically natural there’s little about it that I find at all surprising. However, I’ve had a patch when I’ve felt the need to write, but haven’t had a clue what to post about (and I’m in much the same state over a book or two at this moment in time as well).

As in most troublesome times, when all else fails me and I’m in a “what’s this life all about anyway” frame of mind, sex can make me forget almost all other problems with an inevitable reliability that’s close to scary. But then, for most people and in the majority relationships, sex is (or certainly once was) what it’s all about.

This brilliantly funny post from Sarah at Etcetera, Etc. encapsulates much of what we worry about and learn to deal with in our early (practice?) relationships and cope with, hopefully consummately, the second (or more?) time around. Of course, there are those who will never learn, but that’s life and people, eh?

However, you might be interested to know a bit more about the brain as a sexual organ. There has been a myth around for a very long time that we only use ten percent of our brains. Whilst it may be so at any one time and we may certainly have a lot more capacity than some of us use, most of the brain does come into use at different times and for different purposes. That said, brain scans done during sex – yes really! (see here) – have shown that men’s brains become very active and appear to become “focussed” on the act of sex. For a woman to have great sex, though, she will often need to calm down prior to enjoying such pleasures fully. Basically, she needs to forget much of what she would normally be thinking about before she can become equally focussed. To put it another way… honey, you may be great at multi-tasking, but if you want to enjoy getting laid, forget the kids, the car, the home and all the rest – sex has to be what it’s all about!

2 Responses to “Sex Is What It’s All About”

  1. Well, duh!!!! πŸ™‚ You are correcto-mundo!

    Hey, let me point out that this is not A Phase for Phriday! Rip-off!

    My phrase today? “You’re full of old shoes” as the gentle substitute for other things one could be full of…..

    • Aww… surely you were not expecting pure unadulterated filth? πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for the phrase… er… I think… 😐

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