Where Did You Get That?

This brilliant post here from JennyMac is pretty much a gift from the gods to me, because I’ve had one of those days (well, weeks really, if I’m being honest) when nothing of any interest has occurred to me – certainly nothing I’d want to post about. So, her excellent (as usual), stylish and very funny article about “Teenage Girl Repellent” both made me laugh and made me think…

My thought was to list all the other “repellent” sprays I might want to purchase, but I’ve not been in all that good a mood this last little while. It might have been my imagination, but I could have sworn that MS Word flashed up one of those informative signs on screen that you never have enough time to read before it disappears by before you’ve finished thinking “WTF? What now?” However, I am convinced it said something along the lines of “error at ******* – lists over 4 million items are not allowed.”

Anyway, here are just a very few other repellent sprays that I can think of that I would really like to find if only JennyMac would reveal where to get them:

  1. ADULT Schoolchildren Repellent – there are days when most of the people I meet seem to insist on behaving like they should be in a schoolyard. Even (particularly?) politicians seem to me to behave that way these days.
  2. Officious Jerk of a Bureaucrat Repellent – the name says it all!
  3. Me Repellent – there are times when I really don’t like me very much.

I think I should probably stop there, but I do definitely want some of her Teenage Girl (and boy) Repellent!

4 Responses to “Where Did You Get That?”

  1. Jenny Mac’s story was pretty darn funny…because we all have those ‘I wanted to die’ memories, don’t we?

    I would like to see:
    1. Whiner Repellent
    2. Right-wing Republican Repellent (How alliterative is that??!!)
    3. Racist Repellent
    4. Nasty Effing People Repellent
    5. Bully Repellent
    6. War Monger Repellent
    7. Husband’s Prior Wife Repellent
    8. Impatience Repellent
    9. Human Pest Repellent
    10. Lindsay Lohan-esque Repellent

    to name a few. Gee, I don’t want much, do I?

  2. Stupid people repellent, lazy people repellent, mean people repellent, liar repellent – that’s about it. I’m obviously having a challenging people week.

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