Phrase For Phriday

I missed last week, so I suppose I’d better make a bit of an effort to come up with something appropriate.

Accordingly, I thought I’d continue the theme of my last post – “Sex Is What It’s All About” – just to please anyone who might have been expecting a slightly greater degree of graphic detail in that post.


  1. What about the phrase: A good seeing to…? Slang for having very satisfying sex – as in, “She gave him such a right good seeing to, he’s been asleep for the last twenty four hours.”
  2. Then there’s also the various names for the equipment involved. I’m sure that many of our words are the same as those in the US, but there are a couple that I think are rather different: there’s fanny… which I kind of imagine means butt in the States, since there are numerous references to guys sitting on their fanny. In the UK that same word means vagina, or more accurately, the whole female organ – the same as pussy, which may also be a UK term since it also means cat there. One can see the logic of that, though – soft, furry, likes being stroked and will disappear in an instant if you upset it; the vulva is probably the more correct term, if you prefer it (which I, personally, don’t).
  3. Whilst we’re on the subject, there’s also the US person’s name, Randy (both male and female I believe): in the UK it is also used for both male and female, but to describe a person’s mood – as in “God! When he (she) did that right in front of me, it made me feel so randy I wanted to strip off and have him (her) right there across the supermarket check-out!”

Have a good weekend…    😉

2 Responses to “Phrase For Phriday”

  1. Your second one reminds me of a time before sexual harrassment was against the law, when I worked night shift at a place called IBM. There was an idiot who spent an entire 8 hours shift composing a list of slang terms for male and female genitalia. An entire shift! And he went around from person to person asking for suggestions, even to those of us who thought he was an idiot (the females). About 3 years later, they promoted him to manager.

    My brother’s name is Randall, nickname Randy. I like to tease him about it because I’m so gosh darn mature myself.

    Many of the English expressions were used in this country in the past had have ‘fallen out of favor’ or have come to mean something totally different than they originally did. We’re nothing in the US, if not hip and lazy when it comes to our speech.

    • Yeah… great comments. I’ve never quite understood the sexual harrassment law thing. It seems to me that serious and persistent harrassment of any sort (particularly at work) ought to be against the law anyway, but then if the guy you mentioned’s bosses had been any good he’d have been sacked for doing damn all during the shift. Then again, it’s often the easiest way to get rid of stupid, useless and unproductive people in these days of employment law and endless regulations – promote them!

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