Sex And The Single Girl

I know it probably makes me something of a sad case in some people’s eyes – especially some men – but I’ve always admired really liberated women. I don’t mean pushy, strident women – and I’ve met a few of those, believe me – but women who are confident, able and can deal with their own feelings, needs and everything else in their lives. It doesn’t help with my male ego and any insecurities I might have, of course, but that’s my problem not theirs.

This is a post that I came across by a young woman and it’s absolutely superb. To my mind, it pretty much says it all about the current moves by some of the diehards and bigots (particularly in the US) to try to put the rabbit back in the hat. Women have finally really discovered the true joy of sex and sexual liberation and attempts to indoctrinate them in daft, outdated and frankly insulting ideas about sexual chastity are, I hope, doomed – thank God! Please read the article here, it is so well worth your time…

In my view (and I think it will eventually be universally accepted as normal in the future) a truly liberated woman doesn’t really give a damn what any man thinks of her specifically as a woman, except when it comes to her personal and sexual relationships, which is something we all (male and female alike) do and should care about.

To attempt to deny one’s sexuality is, in my opinion, just plain stupid. Self-assured women who are secure in their knowledge of who they are and what they want are usually, to me, just plain sexy and I don’t see it as the least bit offensive to any female if I say that (I’m not expecting in any way, shape, or form that the feeling will be reciprocated); it’s normal; it’s natural; it’s biology; it’s how and why the human race exists at all, for heaven’s sake! What should make it inoffensive is that I see nothing wrong in the same thing the other way round and if a woman sees me, or any other man, as sexy, then I’d say great and treat it as a compliment. Likewise, I’d reserve the right not to return such feelings if they aren’t there.

If a man wants to attract a woman, he tries to look and behave in a way that will do so and more and more these days that means he wants her to see him as sexy. The same applies to women and that seems perfectly right and proper to me. I’ve never understood the frequently heard female statement, “He only wants one thing,” meaning sex. It’s not necessarily the case, because there are many reasons for one person wanting to befriend another, but when we’re talking about attraction (particularly early attraction) between men and women (or whatever a person’s sexual orientation might be), of course it’s about sex and why not?

Exactly the same attitude does and should apply to women’s attraction to men and once we get rid of the idea that there’s anything even desirable (let alone think that men have some proprietorial right to expect or hope for) female virginity, then the sooner women’s rights will begin to move forward. That idea is gaining ground these days and many men see sexual experience in a partner as desirable and trust me, it is!

Love and marriage may well include sex and sexual desire, but they are not about sex. That sort of relationship is about partnership, sharing, caring and mutual fulfilment. Sex is not important in marriage, or an LTR, although it is often a physical expression of all that each feels for the other. Lack of sex and, more importantly, good sex, on the other hand, might well be disastrous, unless you are both prepared to accept a fully “open” relationship, but that’s another subject.

2 Responses to “Sex And The Single Girl”

  1. nettrobbens Says:

    Loved your blog! Let’s hear it for sexually liberated women, and the men who respect and love them! Nett

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