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The Age of Aquarius

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The progression of one’s line of thought can be a pretty convoluted thing – well, mine can at least. They do say it’s good to “think outside the box” but I have a habit of missing the goddamned box altogether – still, I guess many of those who know me will hardly see that as some kind of revelation.

Lilly, of Lilly’s Life put up this interesting post that sort of started my current mental ramble and, if you want a technical explanation of the Age of Aquarius (as distinct from the sun sign), try this though there seem to be few specifics to be found about the Aquarian astrological age (or any other for that matter).  In fact, no one seems sure whether the age began in the thirteenth century, the seventeenth century, the twentieth century, or if we’re still waiting for it in another thousand years time – it’s a precise science, as you can tell.

However, by far the largest consensus of opinion says that the Age of Aquarius began somewhere in the twentieth century and the hit ground-breaking London musical “Hair” kind of epitomised some of the thinking that surrounded that – and, incidentally, they are apparently bringing a new production of that show back to London once more – I think it will be quite interesting to see how much the more reserved elements of public opinion have changed in the last several decades.

The Age of Aquarius is, amongst many other things, supposed to herald full “enlightenment” for humanity – at last! Why did we have to wait for so long, for heavens sake? That’s if it happens as predicted, of course – and I can’t say there’s much sign of it at the moment!

So, how did Lilly’s piece on the modern fad for plastic surgery trigger this mental journey? Well, it got me thinking about the trends she describes and our current passion for looking younger for as long as possible and I think I left some facetious comment about wanting a whole body transplant, because I would want to be young, rather than just look young – physically at least. That led to thoughts about these modern new trends and that in turn connected “ageing” and “renewal” with “new age” and the new age (arrived, arriving, or still awaited as it may be) is the Age of Aquarius, whereas the old age is the Age of Pisces – epitomised by wars, conflict and unenlightened strife, or so I gather.

And where is my meandering mind going from there? Well, back to the beginning, or sort of. Many comments and to some extent Lilly’s theme is that ageing is inevitable and natural, but, much as we assume that to be true, it simply isn’t!

Modern science can do little for us except to counter at least some of the worst appearances of the damage we do to our bodies. That said, I understand that quite a few of the latest (often horrendously expensive) creams, potions and so on do help considerably to at least mask the ravages of time on our faces and bodies. Nothing, though, that this huge and lucrative industry currently offers can actually stop that cantankerous old man, Father Time, in his tracks. But…

…but there is science on the horizon (and relatively simple science at that) that is investigating how we age and probably can in theory stop it even now! Unfortunately, the problem of aging, like so many others, is not a straightforward one and there are at least two basic elements to the aging of our cells that cause us problems. One is the telomeres of our cells, which can be manipulated to prevent ageing. Sadly, if we do that, the second part of the equation seems to come into play – that of faulty DNA replication – and we die anyway.

Now, where will my thoughts wander off to now? Something about a favourite subject, perhaps? Oh, dear, we’re back to sex again! I think I’d maybe better end on that note…

Once Upon A Time…

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Perhaps I should point out at the start that, although this is a bedtime story of a sort, this is very definitely not something for the kids!

On a serious note, I think I should repeat that I simply adore women (at least most of them, as I’ve said before) and I just love to see them taking control of their lives (would that as many men could do the same instead of being pointlessly aggressive and kidding themselves that a big mouth makes a big man).

You may think this bit of information is pretty trivial, or rather frivolous, but I think it’s quite important and demonstrates very clearly just how far the females of our species have become truly emancipated. Nowadays, whilst they may care what any individual man thinks about all sorts of things (including them), many women at last don’t actually give a damn what the male gender thinks as a whole about them, or anything else for that matter – which, to my mind, is exactly as it should be.

So… once upon a time, sex shops were mainly seedy back street places mostly visited by shifty, dishevelled guys in dirty raincoats – or something like that. Not any more though! These days, a majority of sex stores are in the high streets and shipping malls, are brightly lit members of big chains and they are pretty up front about what they sell and what it’s for – and why not? More importantly, though, most of them claim that a predominance of their customers are women!

I can personally vouch for that fact in as much as, whenever I visit one, there have usually been as many or more women there than men – and, just in case just anyone raised an eyebrow… yes, of course I go to sex shops at times! Why should I deny it? And, it’s usually with a partner, unless I’m buying a surprise gift for my lady, of course.

Today, an example of how far the sex industry has embraced a sort of respectability is demonstrated by this piece of information on Apparently, one Angelo Abela, an entrepreneur in Melbourne, Australia, has stores that look more like warehouses. He claims to sell anywhere from eighty to a hundred of one particular kind of vibrator a week and stocks thousands of models ranging from fifty to two hundred Australian dollars (approximately 45 to 183 USD) a pop. He’s looking for new products too – maybe like this innovative design: vibrators made out of ice that are produced by a company in the Netherlands. Reportedly, that company now wants to add flavours to the product! Hmm… now that’s an interesting idea! Tell me ladies, it never occurred to me before, but do you have taste buds down th…? Sorry! I guess that’s probably a question for later on, if we get to know each other better.

My thoughts here were triggered by this post by The Peach Tart – I’m just so in love with Peach – well, I suspect I would be, if I actually knew her in person! That being so, it’s probably a good thing that we’ve never met because, even if I were 150 years younger, I doubt it would be reciprocated and Mr. Peach Tart might get a bit pissed about it too.

I guess I’ve gotten off the subject again, haven’t I? Anyway, that post reports this proposed creation by Australian Jewellery designer Colin Burn – a limited edition of perhaps ten one million dollar vibrators made out of platinum and studded with diamonds. Some Christmas gift for the girl in your life, eh guys? Of course, she’s worth it, but… Then again, I suppose that maybe someone like Paris Hilton will buy all ten for herself and a few special friends.

To me, though, the really mind boggling item in his range is much cheaper (a snip at a mere eight thousand Australian dollars). It is the vibrator moulded out of white gold and also studded with diamonds and one large white pearl at its top. The price includes matching earrings and a necklace. Now that conjures up mental images and fantasies I will not even begin to relate here, but suffice it to say that it also involves diamond studded very high silver stilettos and not a lot else!

The one other thing the million dollar dildo made me wonder about is (as I commented on Peach’s blog), if a girl comes across hard times (and you can read that whichever way you like), might she want to pawn some of her her bling, or porn it?


Denver Delay

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This is supposedly true, although who knows? Maybe it’s just wishful thinking…

However, it apparently happened at the Denver Airport and, if real, an award should go to the United Airlines gate 14 agent for being both smart and funny and for making her point so simply and forcefully when confronted with an angry passenger who probably deserved to fly as cargo.  All of you out there who have had to deal with an irate customer, this one is for you…

A crowded United Airlines flight was cancelled. A single agent was re-booking a long line of inconvenienced travellers. Suddenly, an angry passenger pushed his way to the desk. He slapped his ticket on the counter and said, “I HAVE to be on this flight and it has to be FIRST CLASS!”

The agent replied, “I’m sorry, sir. I’ll be happy to try to help you, but I’ve got to help these folks first; and then I’m sure we’ll be able to work something out.”

The passenger was unimpressed. He asked loudly, so that the passengers behind him could hear, “DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO I AM?”

Without hesitating, the agent smiled and grabbed her public address microphone (that’s the trick – the smooth, unflustered response without any apparent faltering). “May I have your attention, please?” she began, her voice heard clearly throughout the terminal. “We have a passenger here at Gate 14 who does not know who he is. If anyone can help him find his identity, please come to Gate 14.”

With the folks in line behind him laughing hysterically, the man glared at the United agent, gritted his teeth, and said, “F*** you!” Once again without flinching, she smiled and said, “I’m sorry sir, you’ll have to get in line for that, too.”

Now I have to admit right here, little though the chance of getting a ticket to ride might be, I’d line up for that lady – for hours! Oh, boy! Wouldn’t I just! Absolutely my kind of woman!


It’s Only Natural

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I just want to know, young man - would you describe yourself as ... athletic?I’ve touched on (well, okay then, ranted on about) this subject before – the “age is just a number” thing. But the fact is that, although it’s entirely normal and quite understandable that most young (teenage and early twenties) guys want a red hot nymphet and young women are often similarly searching for  a young(ish) man with “Incredibly Athletic Stud” stamped across his superb pecs, once the hormones have settled down just a tad, it’s then that other considerations begin to assume a slightly greater significance. That’s when personality, drive, ambition, long term desires and needs, being a good husband/wife and so on start to take over – the whole “partnership” question – and those criteria can result in a very different choice.

I really do think those that make snap judgements about another person’s choice of partner have a bloody cheek! The ideals that are important to us and by which we select a long term partner are entirely personal and nothing to do with anyone else – we’re all different with differing requirements and things that turn us on/off. How dare someone else criticise what I or anyone else finds attractive or wants from a relationship? It’s this whole “I’m following convention, or the church, or whatever and I know best what’s right” thing. Bullshit! I hope experience has taught me what’s right for me in my particular circumstances and with my particular needs and desires, but I wouldn’t dream of suggesting that would be right for another, or even a good idea.

Nothing suits all of us – maybe not even a majority, but there’s no weird unwritten law that says we have to go with the herd, is there? If an older woman, perhaps a divorcee or a widow (maybe even with grown up kids) and who is maybe financially “comfortable”, wants a partner who’s a stud, then what’s that got to do with me? The chances are she’s developed enough  realistic savoir-faire to pick one who’ll be considerate when around her, have a younger outlook on life (maybe like her own?) and keep her satisfied in (and probably out of) bed. I’m pretty darned sure I don’t fit that description, so why should I care? It’s none of my bloody business, is it? Equally, if an older man can provide the stability, attentiveness and undemanding caring and support that a young woman may want, what’s wrong with that? The chances are that he’ll adore her way beyond the extent to which a younger man would and, even if the sex finally kills him off, he’ll at least die happy!

Why do we judge others in this way? What’s it got to do with us? Are we absolutely sure there’s not the slightest touch of envy involved there somewhere.


It’s Different For People

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Okay, so I’m not sure how many readers got the joke in my last post. No immediate comments, so I guess people either didn’t get it, or didn’t think it was funny.

Oh, honey...It’s entirely different for people, though, isn’t it? Isn’t it? Well, my post wasn’t just a gag! The principal more serious point I was also making there is that the scientists and others have always assumed that what was clearly either a seasonal social monogamy, or in the case of some species of birds a lifetime social monogamy, automatically meant there was sexual fidelity too. Clearly, this is not the case and I wonder just how exactly it is mirrored by the behaviour of humans. Pretty closely, I’d say.

In fact, I wouldn’t be very surprised to learn that it applies to almost all superficially monogamous species on our planet. Even such animals as lions, where one male has a number of females in a harem, can’t rely on sexual faithfulness. The male lion has to continuously keep an eye on all his women and frequently has to chase a wayward lioness back into the group when she is sidling off towards distant, usually younger, males. I’ve watched this happen in the wild and seen that he even has to watch the others whilst having sex (which he has to do quite frequently). Copulation, though, doesn’t take long and is very much in the tradition of ‘wham, bam, thank you ma’am’ – where have you come across that attitude before, eh girls?

As the human race has grown to be rather more civilised, those of us who have evolved a little further than others have stopped attempting to maintain a woman’s fidelity by physical force. I’m sorry to say that’s not true of all men and certainly not all cultures by a very long way and that sort of attitude is still far too widespread, but hey, major advancement for our species can be a slow old process at the best of times. However, in many instances, we’ve (men) tried to replace force with guile and have created a culture where female fidelity is somehow seen as sacrosanct in marriage and far less so for men (the old ‘he’s only sowing wild oats’ shit). Fidelity, in evolutionary terms, is really only important to a man since he instinctively wants to spread his genes to the exclusion of others’ and women, I think, tend to want fidelity from their men for entirely different reasons.

I wonder just how much sex and love really are connected at all. They’re certainly not mutually exclusive, but I tend to think that ‘making love’ is not at all the same as having sex. Couples are indeed having sex when making love, but it’s only a component – a vehicle perhaps – for the bonding and caring that is being expressed. Great sex, though, can be wonderful, exciting and tremendously enjoyable, but you don’t have to be in love at all to experience it.

So why do we so often insist that those two individual expressions of joy have to be one and the same? They simply aren’t necessarily connected at all!

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Sex Is Still Important

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It seems that we apparently have a number of leaders and icons who have relatively normal sexual appetites – well, that at least is a relief!

A lot of women and a huge number of men seem to think that being committed to one person automatically destroys natural libido, or should. What a daft idea! Well, I’ve got news for you guys (that’s an asexual ‘guys’): if it did, your sex life would be the first casualty!

Now I just know I’m going to get all sorts of shit over this (or it’ll get ignored altogether), but all the scientific research available tells us quite clearly that monogamy is not a natural condition for most people, or indeed for the vast majority of the animal kingdom – male and female alike! Promiscuity is the natural order of things. I’m not saying here that we should necessarily act on that objective, but it is just plain natural and ordinary!

Nice Ass!If a person is ‘normal’ then, just because they hooked up with a partner and probably promised fidelity as part of that deal, it doesn’t change their basic sexuality one jot. They might kid themselves (or even wish) that it will, but it won’t. Sure, when chasing courting a prospective mate, particularly for more than just casual sex, a man or a woman will usually develop ‘tunnel vision’ and only have eyes for that target. Furthermore, they might well (hopefully will, if that’s what they both want) stick to those promises, but it won’t change a thing about their natural sexual instincts – and they are continuously telling them to notice and ‘fancy’ other members of their preferred gender.

Nice Ass! If Victoria Would Only EAT!So, in my opinion: ladies, when your husband looks at some hot chick and you can see the thought, “Nice ass!” written all over his face, don’t get all uptight because it’s simply proof that he may be married, but thank God he’s not actually dead and it’s simply a compliment to you that it’s still you he wants to go home with and bed. Equally, you jealous jerk of a husband, just because your wife looks at the hunk on the beach, or flirts a little with some personal trainer or other, just smile to yourself and enjoy the stirring up of her libido that will make her hot for you later when you’re alone together – if you’re a bit sensitive for a change and play your cards right, of course!

I don’t dispute for one moment that we should all learn to only act appropriately and not to automatically follow our every urge – society simply can’t (and hopefully won’t) accept that and quite right too. You can change the way people react and behave by proper education that teaches caring, consideration for others, honesty and understanding. But you cannot suppress anyone’s basic instincts except by indoctrination, or to give it a more appropriate title: brainwashing! If you were to succeed in suppressing our natural urges in that way, then the human race would die out, because it is that basic sex drive that has so far made us one of the most successful animals on the planet. Anyone who preaches otherwise is, in my view, either misguided, or just a complete tosser.

Nice Everything!And lastly, and I know it’s slightly off this topic, but it demonstrates the point because my reaction to this is simply, “Hot, or what!” and that’s because I’m what I’ve been talking about – normal. It’s also proof of what I commented about in my previous post – that age is just a number … HOW old? But then I always did fancy thirty plus year old women who were ‘fit’ (in all the senses applied to the word), even when I was seventeen…


Beauty Is Only Skin Deep – Is It?

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Well, that’s what they say. Age is just a number too – with which, being ancient, I wholeheartedly agree 🙂

Actually, whilst a large part (though certainly not all) of aging is surely in the mind, beauty, or relative beauty, most definitely goes a hell of a lot deeper than the skin – bone structure, personality, muscular tone, general fitness and much more. However, it does all start with the leather bag you live in and many modern skin preparations do enhance the quality and appearance of your outer layers and many women in particular (but some men too these days) are beginning to find creams and potions that do make them look younger, brighter and more alive and attractive.

Many, of course, still say, “I am what I am and I’m not going to lie and hide my age.” That is indeed a valid point, but many women (and men too) are what they are through neglect, not simply through age! It’s not just their look either, in case some of you are getting ready to shout me down with claims that looks are a shallow way to judge a person. If your whole world revolves endlessly around diapers and kids spewing up then, after a while, you’re not going to be a very exciting person to be with, are you?

People (men and women) will undoubtedly treat you differently according to how you look and they’ll also treat you differently according to how you behave. But how you behave will be significantly affected by how you feel about yourself and that in part will be altered by how you look. The whole thing’s a vicious circle: looking good makes you feel you look good and gives you confidence and that makes you look a whole lot better which makes you feel better, which… Well, you get my point I’m sure.

Susan Boyle as She WasAs an example, take the case of Susan Boyle. I know much has been said and written in the often spiteful media about Hollywood makeovers, how she was cracking up and all the rest. The fact is the woman is 48 years old, not 148! She was overweight, scruffy and without style and probably much guile either. Relatively unsophisticated, she was thrust into the limelight and the media pack got to work on her. However, the Hollywood effect has got to work on her too and, now more familiar with all the spite and the lies she needs to ignore, she does appear happy – I certainly hope so because she looks absolutely great and, naturally, she still has the superb singing talent that brought her to the notice of all of us in the first place.


Susan Boyle NowBefore anyone gets on their high horse and starts saying, “But that’s the point – she’s got a great voice, however she looks,” it’s NOT the point! She is a whole person, not just a voice and just maybe she’ll finally start to enjoy a full and exciting youth. It certainly looks that way because, to me, there’s now a radiance about her and that’s not from her skin’s tone either, it appears to come from inside…

Bloody good luck to her!

Less Likely Than You Might Think, But Very Funny!

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These days, I’m not sure that the older generation is actually anything like as naive as younger people often tend to think. However…

In truth, I think the older woman would probably be a lot more likely to immediately recognise the gadget and maybe “borrow” it – and good for her!

The daughter’s reaction, though, is entirely understandable and very funny indeed – but thank heavens so many women do now see enjoying themselves as “normal” in so many ways.

To the objectors, I would simply say, “Get a life! What the ****’s it got to do with you? If you don’t like it (for some weird reason), don’t look!”


Gagging For It!

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It’s probably a UK expression (I don’t know), but the male attitude that “She’s gagging for it, even if she won’t admit it,” represents is something that’s international and bothers me one hell of a lot! It might even be so, if somewhat coarse, but no guy should assume it’s him she’s gagging for it from or with!


“I mean, I’ve never been raped. I just wanted to have that out there. To qualify. Because you know, I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve led a fairly normal existence. Pretty privileged. Very sheltered. I’ve sown some wild oats, done some experimenting. I’ve been taken advantage of. I’ve been… men have not always treated me with respect. And I never even really understood that, until recently. I thought it was my fault. I was pretty messed up over some things, actually.     (read the full post here)

But it wasn’t rape, okay? Okay. I’m glad we cleared that up.

And yet…”

…is on a feminist site that I liked. However, it is a beautifully written post that I think is so very descriptive.

I’ve never really understood rape – not really. I don’t see the point of sex at all without mutuality (apart from the obvious release, which one can quite simply take care of on one’s own). It just seems so … so pale an imitation of real sex with a partner who is equally eager and excited by the activity and prospects of what you are doing with and to each other.

This comment on the article…

“Hell, how about listening for ‘Yes’. ‘No’ should be the default, not the other way round.”

…for me, says it all! “No!” should absolutely be the DEFAULT until a woman (or a man) clearly, willingly and unambiguously says otherwise! Guys, at its most basic level, if you follow that principle, you just might, once in a while, miss out on a very occasional and exceptionally oblique offer of a screw, but hey! What the hell! At least you’ll be able to look yourself in the eye in the mirror when you shave.

All that said, there are places where I think many feminists have got it wrong, or they give the wrong impression to men and others who are opposed to them, or who simply don’t understand the problem…

For a start, let’s get one thing straight: there are women who “cry rape” when they acquiesced totally and without any ambiguity at the time. Such women do all other women a huge disservice! Sadly, just admitting such a fact creates an enormous loophole for the assholes of this world to stroll through.

Additionally, I am convinced that women should not desire to be equal! Some would of course say they’re not equal, but better, and in some areas I’d probably agree. But that’s my point: men and women are different (thank heavens). What feminists mean (I think – and they are absolutely right) is that they are equally important and deserve the same respect, consideration and opportunities as the rest of us – and that’s true of all men and  women regardless of race, creed, age, sexual orientation and any other difference – we are all human beings. We may not agree, but we can all respect the other’s attitude and beliefs, but above all else, their person!

I’ve always supported what I’ve seen termed these days as “lipstick feminism”. By that I assume they mean women who are pro-female, but are sufficiently well balanced to celebrate the differences between the sexes, rather than looking to merge them and they don’t see anything degrading in a woman doing, wearing, saying or otherwise behaving in a way that will turn a particular man on – if she wants to turn him on! They don’t assume that there’s anything wrong in one man seeing slim women as sexy, simply because others will find the “fuller figure” more attractive. The same attitudes though, of course, are equally applicable to men.

Looked at in this way, not only are men and women different (which is after all the only reason the human race still exists at all), but each of us is an individual and we all of us like and are attracted by different things, shapes, styles, voices, colouring … etc., etc., almost endlessly. Above all else, humanity should, in my view, celebrate its diversity and that includes the differences between the sexes – all the differences. That celebration, though, by its very nature also affords men and women equal respect, importance and consideration and that’s all any of us really have right to expect and hope for.

I’ve always thought that the money and equal pay thing is a bit of a red herring. Sure, it’s critical to some women, but I’ve never thought that legislation is really the answer – but then I don’t think that legislation is ever really the answer – education, education, and more education is the key to changing almost anything and everything in human society. How much better is it if, instead of legislating to make an employer treat a woman fairly, a man respect her right decide about her own body, or a woman to respect and value herself, all that is seen by everyone as “normal, fair and right” and just happens anyway? Of course, there will always be exceptions, but I’ve always thought that all these complicated formulae that politicians devise in order to spell out what we can and can’t do could be largely done away with. America has its Constitution. Use it. Apply it to everyone with common sense by legal people with common sense and then an asshole is an asshole and it’s unacceptable to be one – jail the bastard (mostly, the bad criminals are assholes anyway)! I know that’s simplistic, but there’s some sense in it somewhere (I’m just not quite sure where).

I suppose I could have said most of this in about a thousand words less: as a man, I love women and I adore how different they are from guys. Sure, I spot a gorgeous, sexy woman walking down the road and my first thought would probably be something like, “Woah! Nice! Would I like to…” well, you know. That’s just nature and I don’t mean any disrespect by it for face to face, it’s different. I expect I might still want to … you know … but I would be mortified if I thought I’d let that show – if for no other reason than that I’d assume that a sexy lady wouldn’t be interested in a boring old fart like me (even if I thought I was God’s gift to women, I’d still assume that) – and it’d take some doing for her to convince me otherwise. More importantly, though, is that little fact – only she could do that (convince me differently) and I guess that’s the solution to the sexual part of this.

As to real liberation for women – I still think that’s down to education and the financial aspect will follow. Certainly teach men not to be assholes and give them self respect too, because that will undoubtedly help their attitude to improve! But give a girl knowledge and teach her how to protect herself physically and mentally, as well as showing her just how special she is both as a person and as a female, and you’ll end up with a confident, liberated woman who won’t give a damn what men think of her or anything else … unless a man has become special to her and then, if he wants to really enjoy their relationship, be it for one night or for life, he’d just darned well better treat her right, or watch out!

In my eyes, that’s a properly liberated woman and I love ’em to bits!

All The Advice In The World

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It’s all out there – for women in particular – everything you need to become the perfect person, have an ecstatically happy and incredibly long life, full of love whilst you remain young and beautiful forever.

All you have to do is to follow these principles, or worship at that church, or believe in a particular mysticism, or take some potion and of course also use their incredibly expensive herbal cream, or whatever else it is that these people are selling, or want you to believe in – so they can make a huge profit.


I am your guru and you need my guidance and products to achieve enlightened fulfilment. It’s all in my new book and DVD!

Download the book here

Download the DVD here

Order the secret formula herbal potion here



Yeah! Right! If you believe that crap, then you’re more gullible that I thought you were, honey!

If you want a full and happy life then the first thing you have to do is to get one – a life that is! A life that is yours and not someone else’s and you have to do it!

Of course, this could apply to anyone – male or female – but it’s particularly common and incredibly easy for women slip into a rut where they spend all their time caring and working for their children, husband/partner, extended family, or whatever and forget that they once had a life of their own – things that were important and mattered just to them and no one else.

Then, twenty years down the line they’re totally heartbroken when their significant other ups and runs off with a new, usually younger, babe who doesn’t have to give a damn about any of those things and is a person in her own right. Why do they do that? Simple! It’s because the new woman still has a mind of her own and is interesting, takes care of herself, is not predictable or always there like part of the furniture – and therefore she’s sexy and exciting to be with (and screw, of course).

This is your life, girl. As far as you know it’s the only one you’ll have. Live it!