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Blogger is Becoming a Pain in the Ass!

Posted in Miscellaneous with tags , , , , , , on July 26, 2009 by AF

One of the great things about the blogosphere is that, despite all the varied blogging software in use by different people with their many and various preferences, apart from a few short sighted (in my opinion) membership only systems, everyone can read everyone else’s posts and comments, whatever software has been used to create the blog.

Sadly, that’s all except for (in some cases) Google’s Blogger! One of the biggest!

The problem is somehow connected with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8, since the difficulties never appeared (to my knowledge) until that latest version started to become widely used. It may well be that it’s really, morally (and conceivably legally) up to Microsoft to fix it, but I really can’t believe it can be that hard for Blogger to sort it out. In fact, they even have a suggestion on their support website at this location that tells Blogger users how they might be able to get around it.

Supposedly, the problem can be cured, or at least lessened, by being very careful about the positioning of a particular widget (one that lists your followers), or removing it. However, there are enormous numbers of blogs out there that I can’t easily fully read and, more specifically comment on – and anyone using MSIE-8 is likely to have the same problem. Yet many Blogger users don’t even know of the problem, though they might perhaps wonder why they don’t get as many comments as they sometimes might expect.

If you’re using MSIE-8 (I’m not aware that any other browser has this problem, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t so) you will, I suspect, quite frequently come across blogs that appear perfectly readable – until you try to look at an individual post, perhaps in order to leave a comment. It can be really annoying too: you search the Internet, scanning quickly through blog after blog about baby’s first throwing up session, or some religious nut’s take on why God couldn’t possibly have seen women as important 6000 years ago when He created dinosaurs, people and everything else, or yet another bigot who just can’t cope with the idea that there might be a point of view other than his (or hers).

Then, bingo, out of the blue you find this gem, this oasis of skill, or fun, or proof that intelligent life does after all still exist on Earth – and what happens? You think, “Yeah! I like this. I should comment.” Click on comments! “Internet Explorer Cannot Display The Page – DIAGNOSE CONNECTION PROBLEMS!” What bloody connection problems? The goddam system shut ITSELF down because Microsoft and Blogger apparently can’t agree on something or other!

If someone knows what I can turn off on my Explorer browser to fix this, then I’d be delighted to know, if there is such a cure. But why, oh why, hasn’t Blogger sorted this out ages ago? I do hope it’s not because (as my extremely cynical alter ego would suggest) they want to encourage as many people as possible to get fed up with MSIE and download Google Chrome.