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So, What About Equality?

Posted in Miscellaneous with tags , , , , , , , , , on May 15, 2011 by AF

I know I’ve said something along these lines before, but this is one of my core beliefs, so I won’t apologise if I’m repeating myself somewhat here.

As long as I can remember (and that’s a real long time), I’ve wished most of the time that I had been born a woman. I don’t mean in a sexual sense because I’m very hetero, although I can tell you for sure I’d have been a millionaire by the time I was nineteen if I’d had a female body – but in this instance, I mean in terms of gender and all that goes with it.

There are of course, many types of women: nice ones, nasty ones, tall ones, short ones, fat ones, thin ones, in between and gorgeous ones who are very sexy that I’d like to get to know very, very… sorry (I told you – I’m entirely hetero), but I’m getting off the track again, aren’t I? However, the point is that, just as with men, the types you come across are as varied as the whole human race and probably most other species too, but the thing that makes women different (apart from the obvious physical bits), is their apparently natural ability and desire to socialise and above all to help one another.

Men just don’t do that – not like women do, at least. Take a straightforward example – BlogHer. It’s huge and growing all the time. I’m sure there’s some bitchiness and selfishness (of course there is – anything else would be unnatural), but the fact is that it works – and works simply because women are… well, women! Don’t believe me? Ok-aay… did you hear about BlogHim? No, nor me! A lot of women together is an awesome thing – damn scary, but still awesome! If you have a moment to spare, just take a peek at this blogger’s profile, here (and do watch the video – if it loads, because it’s a Blogspot site and Vista doesn’t seem to like it, but it’s worth the wait if you can manage it). Of course, men do conferences and so on, but I just can’t imagine this as an all male event anywhere.

So, I guess my question is: Why in heaven’s name would you girls want to be equal to men – you already have it all? Ours is a miserable existence by comparison. Sure, I understand there are issues over pay and stuff in some (many?) cases, but for God’s sake! You’re bloody wonderful! Why would you ever want to change that and just become dull and boring like the rest of us, or suffer the pressures that men invariably seem to place on themselves?


So Far, So Bad

Posted in Miscellaneous with tags , , , , , on October 24, 2009 by AF

Sorry to compound my failings in terms of indecision, but I did give it a try on Blogger and put quite a lot of effort into it. Sadly, I just found the Blogger/Blogspot platform too darned idiosyncratic for my tastes and, in the end, I simply couldn’t be doing with that.

For the time being at least I will continue to blog here, although I will, of course, persevere in my search for other options and I might even try installing the WordPress software on my main website – something I didn’t really want to do. Still, that should be interesting!

PLEASE, bear with me and, as they say, watch this space…

A Problem Solved? – Part 1

Posted in Miscellaneous with tags , , , , , , , on October 22, 2009 by AF

Well, not actually solved, but maybe altered, or lessened even. I guess I must be some kind of an idealist or something like that because I’m almost invariably disappointed by technology.

Take for instance – the hosts of this blog: WordPress is, in my opinion, a superb platform and in many ways superior to Blogger – BUT (and it’s a big but) they stubbornly refuse to allow their users to get into the mechanics of the thing. It’s true that you can do almost anything you like (supposedly) if you use it by downloading the (admittedly free) software from and installing it on your own host. But that’s the point, isn’t it? Your own host – which you not only have to pay for, but you also then have all the trouble of keeping up with new innovations, additions and upgrades. Sure, some hosts offer that service automatically too, but then they don’t seem to offer me what I want for my main website.

So, here I am, screwed again and disappointed as ever. Why is that? Why is it always like that? One version of a piece of technology offers great this, but if I want that I have to go to another manufacturer or supplier who offers that – sadly, though, they don’t offer this! Just why can’t I ever find it all in one place? Still, with some trepidation…

here is the new (experimental) home for Scandalous

However, The Peach Tart tells us she is into a period of “self reflection” in her post Would You Like You If You Met You? My answer to that scary question would probably be a resounding, “no”, but I’m not sure that’s particularly relevant. However, it has made me question all sorts of things, which I will explain in greater detail later.

In the spirit of trying to get my readers to follow me onto the Blogspot platform, part two of this post will be on the new site, but I’ll have to see what happens, because I don’t honestly like it all that much – considering the giant that has produced it, it’s a bit “clunky” to my way of thinking, to be nice about it.

PLEASE, take a moment to go there and tell me what you think about this right now over THERE on the new site