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So, What About Equality?

Posted in Miscellaneous with tags , , , , , , , , , on May 15, 2011 by AF

I know I’ve said something along these lines before, but this is one of my core beliefs, so I won’t apologise if I’m repeating myself somewhat here.

As long as I can remember (and that’s a real long time), I’ve wished most of the time that I had been born a woman. I don’t mean in a sexual sense because I’m very hetero, although I can tell you for sure I’d have been a millionaire by the time I was nineteen if I’d had a female body – but in this instance, I mean in terms of gender and all that goes with it.

There are of course, many types of women: nice ones, nasty ones, tall ones, short ones, fat ones, thin ones, in between and gorgeous ones who are very sexy that I’d like to get to know very, very… sorry (I told you – I’m entirely hetero), but I’m getting off the track again, aren’t I? However, the point is that, just as with men, the types you come across are as varied as the whole human race and probably most other species too, but the thing that makes women different (apart from the obvious physical bits), is their apparently natural ability and desire to socialise and above all to help one another.

Men just don’t do that – not like women do, at least. Take a straightforward example – BlogHer. It’s huge and growing all the time. I’m sure there’s some bitchiness and selfishness (of course there is – anything else would be unnatural), but the fact is that it works – and works simply because women are… well, women! Don’t believe me? Ok-aay… did you hear about BlogHim? No, nor me! A lot of women together is an awesome thing – damn scary, but still awesome! If you have a moment to spare, just take a peek at this blogger’s profile, here (and do watch the video – if it loads, because it’s a Blogspot site and Vista doesn’t seem to like it, but it’s worth the wait if you can manage it). Of course, men do conferences and so on, but I just can’t imagine this as an all male event anywhere.

So, I guess my question is: Why in heaven’s name would you girls want to be equal to men – you already have it all? Ours is a miserable existence by comparison. Sure, I understand there are issues over pay and stuff in some (many?) cases, but for God’s sake! You’re bloody wonderful! Why would you ever want to change that and just become dull and boring like the rest of us, or suffer the pressures that men invariably seem to place on themselves?


The Times They Are a-Changin’

Posted in Miscellaneous with tags , , , , , , on April 30, 2010 by AF

One of the blogs I love is Sarah’s Etcetera Etc. as I think I have mentioned quite recently. Of course, as I think I probably said before, being a guy, I’m quite happy to read her words of wisdom about sex and her gender bits all day long – well, what else would you expect – but she has a lot of important things to say on all sorts of subjects and her latest post is a good one about one of the newer and somewhat different blogging platforms – Tumblr.

I have to say that I agree with almost everything she says and she’s usually right about most things. Naturally, of course, my strong sense of self preservation means that I don’t in any event have the necessary suicidal tendencies required to disagree publically with most women anyway, but I generally only say more than, “Yes dear,” when I actually mean it – like in this instance.

However, being somewhat mature, I do sometimes struggle to see the point of some of these things and, whilst I’m quite a fan of technology, I don’t automatically equate “new” with “good”.  To me, the latest fads are frequently interesting to find out about, but I still reserve judgement on the quality and value of them, particularly until I’ve tried them out for myself – which is why I had to open an account (a free one of course) and give it a go. There’s not much there at the moment, although it should automatically put a brief summary and link to this post via RSS into the body for me. You can take a look here at this early (and I think fairly crude) version of “A Bit Scandalous” on the Tumblr platform, if you really want to, that is.

I could see the attraction of Twitter for kids, teens and even twenty-somethings (and I dare say for many of the rest of you – just not for me, but I did at least register and try it. Much the same applies to Facebook and Myspace at the moment, although they at least don’t have the 140 character brevity (not my strong point as you will realise) of Twitter.

The truth is, though, with Tumblr, I just don’t get it at present. What’s the point? Yes it does a few things that WordPress won’t do (particularly the “follow” buttons of Twitter), but then so does Blogger (which I’ve also tried), but I’m still with WordPress because, in spite of its restrictions, I’ve been able to create something that is much more along the lines of what I want. Tumblr has a host of themes, but you have to buy many of them and it claims to give its users access to the whole theme if they want to alter the html, but how many of us ordinary bloggers really want to get into that?

Still, I guess we’ll see in time and, meanwhile, if anyone has some advice about the benefits or otherwise of Tumblr, please don’t be shy about letting me know what you know – this male at least is always pleased to receive any help offered – especially from women, since they have an annoying habit of seeing at once what us guys can’t figure out to save our lives…


This Blogging Thing

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It’s weird! Just weird…

As I’ve said before, there are lots of different blogs and just as many reasons for blogging. For instance… There are the “expert” blogs about almost everything and from all sorts of people, some of whom have a very doubtful level of expertise indeed. There are also the “hard-line” blogs too, from the religious and/or political extremists who are always convinced that they are right in all things, despite any evidence there may well be to the contrary. The writers of those sort of blogs, of course, are intent upon telling the whole goddam world of their special knowledge and are hell bent upon converting the planet to their way of thinking.

I guess we can all see how the commercial and corporate blogs and the “How to Make a Million Dollars in Ten Minutes” ones would want it to be that way, but as to the rest… well, I have no idea why they have that so desperate need to be believed and “spread the word”, but there it is.

Ordinary blogs, though, like this one and a whole host of others ranging from “My Life as a Whore in Afghanistan” to “Little Willy Growing Up” to “What to Eat on Thursdays” and everything in between are much more personal and we tend to think of our readers as friends that we are chatting, joking and even sharing confidences with.

In reality of course, when babbling away like that, we may potentially be telling the whole world of the internet that our spouse has contracted a socially embarrassing disease, or even that our little Willy has a little willy, or whatever. Yet few of us give that more than a passing thought at the time, not because we don’t care, but because, in our minds, we’re just chatting to the few friends we’re writing for and they wouldn’t say anything to strangers, would they?

It can be extremely embarrassing and hurtful for third parties and, often, we wouldn’t hurt those people for anything in the world! And yet, as with all our words and actions, we accidentally do, sometimes, don’t we?

Ho hum… nothing in life is ever as simple as it at first appears, is it?