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You Might Have Noticed

Posted in Writing and Things Literary with tags , , , , , , on April 27, 2011 by AF

…or you might not, of course. However, the thing to which I am referring is the fact that, unlike some bloggers, I’m more than happy to get into a discussion with commenters. That, if I’m to be honest, is probably why I tend at times – all right then, often – to be somewhat “controversial”, if not downright outrageous! I like a debate. Heck! I love a debate!

That, I presume, is the main reason why I always try to reply to individual comments. There is too the angle that it’s my view of politeness that if someone takes the trouble to read something I write and comment on it, then I think it deserves my time to reply if I can (though I don’t hold it against others if they take a different view), but the truth is I love to debate – so much so that I’ll take any stance you want me to in most arguments and I’m quite happy to be wrong in the end too – if you can prove it!

There are, naturally, some subjects that I regard as really important (such as women’s rights and the whole equality issue, for instance) and, though you may not always (ever?) agree with my take on the subject, I do honestly believe at least the bones of what I say about such things.

Other times, though, I’ll say something just for effect – just to start an argument. Hopefully that’ll be a reasonably polite argument, but an argument nevertheless. There are very few situations where I bear a grudge. I can have a blazing row with someone and then shake hands and go round the pub for a drink with them. However, that doesn’t mean I’ll back down easily, so you’ve gotta push your point home!

Whatever the outcome, it’s good to talk, don’t you think? As someone famous said: “Jaw, jaw is better than war, war” – well, a lot of times it is, although “verbal war” between lovers can sometimes be so wounding that it is just as fatal for the participants as the real thing, or to their relationship at least.

Still that’s probably best left for another post…


And Now For Something Completely Different

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If you’re anywhere near as ancient as I am, you might recall the beginnings of mini computers, closely followed by PCs (Personal Computers to those of you not at all familiar with geek terminology). How things have changed…

I’m told that, these days, the average smart phone has more “on board” computing power than each of the rapidly retiring Space Shuttles (in fact probably all the Shuttles put together) and so it is with data storage too…

I can remember my first “super fast” PC – it had 640K (Kilobytes) of memory (RAM) and for the first time had a built in hard disk which provided, if my personal memory serves, a few Megabytes of storage space. Prior to that it was all down to the use of floppy disks at 240K each. Then, eventually and amazingly, came the hard disk with a Gigabyte or two – and then more and recently a whole goddamned TERABYTE!

Yet that’s old hat already, since the latest term to enter the data storage arena is Petabyte. There aren’t any individual hard disks of that capacity available thus far (to my knowledge), but I’m sure it won’t be long…

In case I’ve lost you already (I’m confusing myself, so there’s no reason for you to be coy about the fact, if I have) – 1 PB (Petabyte) = 1000 Terabytes = 1000,000 Gigabytes = 1000,000,000 Megabytes = 1000,000,000,000 Kilobytes = 1000,000,000,000,000 Bytes. You see? You really wanted to know that, didn’t you? Yup! Thought so!

However, there is a point to all this gobbledegook, as I’m sure you had every faith there would be. You didn’t? Shame on you! Oh, well – never mind. Sigh.

Anyway, as I was saying, my point is that what was once a huge restriction and had to be considered at every turn, has simply become irrelevant. Storage space is just not something the average PC user has to consider any more – probably even the average smart phone user. These days we can download films, software, pictures, whatever we like and we don’t have to worry that we are using up valuable storage space – it is simply no longer an issue for most of us…

Except, that is, perhaps in one respect: have we reached the point where most information retrieval and storage devices are just so darned big that the human brain can no longer cope with all that stuff? In fact, has our whole planet got just about all the humankind and its data that it can handle? Perhaps we need to think of a new way of storing ourselves – maybe we should all be turned into avatars like the people were in the Matrix series of films – then we could all be saved on a few Ziggabyte hard disks somewhere.

Hey! That’s not such a daft idea! I could be thirty something forever, or any other age that appealed to whatever woman I was chasing (electronically of course) at the time!

I Spy With My Little Eye

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I spy something beginning with “S” – Yup! It’s the Blog Spy again…

However, this time it’s something a little different. If you’re easily embarrassed or don’t like the subject of sex then I guess this won’t suit you – but then again, if you don’t like the spicy stuff, why do you read this stuff I scribble anyway? What? Did you not figure out that the “S” stood for sex – one of my favourite topics? Aw, shucks, honey.

Nevertheless, this young woman has recently started a blog and is exploring her sexuality and that of others in some detail and fairly openly – apparently both in writing and reality. It isn’t quite as titillating as it sounds, since she’s quite serious about it and writes with humour. In any event, I prefer the more experienced members of the opposite sex, but I imagine she’ll get there, as practice  (so the saying goes) makes perfect. On which basis, it shouldn’t take her very long.

Anyway, this work of hers is part of her studies as a journalism student at university and her writing is quite good, so why not call in at her blog and give her some encouragement, eh? She may of course cease to blog once her studies are done, but I actually hope she keeps it up after university (no pun intended).

The blog in question is named “Sauce and the City” and the post I think I liked most so far from this saucy young lady is this one entitled “My Mother, On Sex” – isn’t it interesting how the younger generation has this belief that parents can’t guess exactly what their offspring like to do in private?

I Did An Interview

Posted in Miscellaneous with tags , , , , , , on March 1, 2011 by AF

Okay, it was nothing particularly startling – a short email interview apparently for a journalism student, but her questions were good and thoughtful, so I replied (which I’m usually pretty wary about doing) and I tried to curb some of my usual flippancy, being… well, a bit serious – sort of (you know me).

However, it did force me to think about a few things – most specifically, why I do this at all. Not an easy thing to figure out in my case. I did say in my replies that I really write anything mainly just because I like doing it – heck, I love writing. I don’t know why, I just do. I’m fully aware that I’m not the next Will Shakespeare, but I think I’d still want to do it somehow even if I was completely illiterate. Huh? I know, not an easy concept to get one’s head around that. Still I expect you understand the point and the emotions I’m trying to convey.

But why write a blog, of all things? Apart from my love of writing per se, the truth is that I began by looking for a better way to present my short stories – which I also create largely for fun, but which I don’t quite see the point of doing unless someone reads them since I’m really a novelist at heart – and a blogging platform turned out to suit my needs for that particular purpose. There are all sorts of tales and anecdotes – many are romantic and often somewhat spicy too, some rather more on the erotic side of things, quite a few are in the sci-fi category and… well, all sorts really. So, if you’re interested, please take a few minutes to browse around my “Short Story Blog

Nevertheless, it was creating that facility somehow that got me started on this more conventional weblog and I do thank those who bother to read the drivel I write, because, without you – well it’d be a rather sad and lonely practice, wouldn’t it? It’d be like… er… no, that’s not exactly an appropriate metaphor… but you get the point, I’m sure.

However, I can see the reasoning behind commercial blogs, political ones, religious ones and even angry ones, but most are “personal” blogs of one sort another – so the question applies to all of us writing that sort of material: Why? Why do we do it?

Well…?  🙂

So, I’m A Blog Stalker

Posted in Miscellaneous with tags , , , , on May 10, 2010 by AF

I was wandering around the blogosphere (as I have a habit of doing from time to time) and I came across an interesting site here – the specific post I’ve linked is by the blogger’s daughter and it seemed like a pretty good one to me, but I liked much of the rest of the blog too. I noticed also, though, that it said quite prominently that if I didn’t comment, I was just a blog stalker.

I get the sentiments and I imagine it’s just a fun comment – a light-hearted joke designed to encourage comments. However, in spite of the reproach, I didn’t comment – I might do so yet, but I didn’t on that occasion – so I guess that makes me a blog stalker…

To take it just a touch more seriously for a moment, though, there are many reasons for not commenting – not least of which is the simple fact that I wasn’t (as I’m often not) logged into a blogging ID. Secondly is the fact that the blog is on Blogspot (Blogger), which if security is enabled (especially with word verification engaged too – why do people bother with all that junk?) is simply too much of a pain in the arse to bother with, unless you really, really have something you want to say.

In view of all this, I’d like to make a plea to all bloggers out there to take off all the controls and security features you reasonably can and see if it helps (in time) to encourage a better and freer “community spirit”. If your trust is abused, you can quickly block the abuser, or reinstate the controls one at a time until it stops  – it’s hardly rocket science.

Like most bloggers, I also like it when people take the trouble to comment, but I understand when they don’t – it’s their right and I’m pleased if they have (hopefully) visited and read what I write. I have the Akismet spam filter in place and very occasionally a genuine reply gets caught by that, but it’s rare – other than that, if you want to say something here, please feel free and, if I really detest or am offended by what you say, I can just delete it, can’t I? So, what’s the big deal?

Everyone seems to be more and more nervous about almost everything these days and we appear to be becoming almost afraid of our own shadows. I’m not sure, though, that the fear of the threats most people seem to be afraid of isn’t often far worse than the “threats” themselves – if they exist at all.

So, if you want to comment here, then I’ll (probably) be delighted to read what you have to say, but if you don’t, then I’m almost as pleased that you at least stopped by and read my drivel. On the other hand, if you didn’t, then I won’t of course know about the fact and you won’t know I wrote this, so neither of us should be upset about that either, should we?


Love Thy (Blogging) Neighbour

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I was intrigued by something said by Sarah, whose excellent blog, Etcetera, Etc., always seems to me to have something interesting to say about life. She doesn’t pull any punches when talking so very honestly about sex, women and relationships (How dare you! Of course that’s not the only reason I like her blog!). However, in truth I frequently find it to be an all round interesting blog about life in general and all sorts of things and, above all, I probably like the honesty best – you can check it out for yourself here

Anywaaaay – I hope she won’t mind me quoting this little bit of her email to me – she had this to say when I pointed out that her name against comments on my blog doesn’t link back to her blog, just in case she hadn’t realised that fact (which she apparently didn’t)…

“[…]While it would probably be in my best interest to promote my blog a little bit better, I like leaving comments for people when their prose makes me laugh or strikes a chord; not for the purpose of self promotion[…]”

I must say that I applaud that attitude and it’s exactly what I do myself – I do read a whole lot more (much of which I thoroughly enjoy) than I comment on and that’s probably not in my best interests either.

I’m not judging anyone here (even spammers, though robot generated comments are a real pain in the ass) – just agreeing on a very personal level with Sarah, but I do wonder about this process. All the perceived wisdom on this subject suggests that, in order to expand your readership, you need to visit other blogs and comment and I do try to do that, but I only seem to be able to work up any enthusiasm for that when I find a blog I like and, even then, in Sarah’s words, something has to “strike a chord” of some sort before I will comment.

However, there is another side to this when looked at the other way round. I love it when people comment on my stuff and that, I imagine, is mainly because I assume they’ve taken the trouble to read what I wrote and it amused them, or made them think about the subject, whether they agree or not. The fact that people comment gives me a little fillip and encourages me to continue writing the drivel I do – I know, you’ll all stop commenting now in the hope that I’ll go away, but I probably won’t – I’m stubborn that way.

That is, though, part of the reason I usually also take the trouble to reply to comments left on my blog because it seems to me that most of them are thoughtful and, if people take the time to give me an opinion, then common courtesy (for me) dictates that I should think about that and respond.  In any event, it’s simply a fact that engaging in any kind of discussion (however briefly) on any subject whatsoever with others from around the world has got to be a good thing, hasn’t it?

So, please keep on commenting and I do promise that I’ll at least try to do a bit better in return in the future. The world is shrinking and our communities are growing and, sooner or later, that has to be good for humanity, doesn’t it? As Winston Churchill once famously said, “Jaw, jaw is better than war, war!” and as long as honest opinions are being expressed, talking together has to increase understanding somewhere along the line.

This Blogging Thing

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It’s weird! Just weird…

As I’ve said before, there are lots of different blogs and just as many reasons for blogging. For instance… There are the “expert” blogs about almost everything and from all sorts of people, some of whom have a very doubtful level of expertise indeed. There are also the “hard-line” blogs too, from the religious and/or political extremists who are always convinced that they are right in all things, despite any evidence there may well be to the contrary. The writers of those sort of blogs, of course, are intent upon telling the whole goddam world of their special knowledge and are hell bent upon converting the planet to their way of thinking.

I guess we can all see how the commercial and corporate blogs and the “How to Make a Million Dollars in Ten Minutes” ones would want it to be that way, but as to the rest… well, I have no idea why they have that so desperate need to be believed and “spread the word”, but there it is.

Ordinary blogs, though, like this one and a whole host of others ranging from “My Life as a Whore in Afghanistan” to “Little Willy Growing Up” to “What to Eat on Thursdays” and everything in between are much more personal and we tend to think of our readers as friends that we are chatting, joking and even sharing confidences with.

In reality of course, when babbling away like that, we may potentially be telling the whole world of the internet that our spouse has contracted a socially embarrassing disease, or even that our little Willy has a little willy, or whatever. Yet few of us give that more than a passing thought at the time, not because we don’t care, but because, in our minds, we’re just chatting to the few friends we’re writing for and they wouldn’t say anything to strangers, would they?

It can be extremely embarrassing and hurtful for third parties and, often, we wouldn’t hurt those people for anything in the world! And yet, as with all our words and actions, we accidentally do, sometimes, don’t we?

Ho hum… nothing in life is ever as simple as it at first appears, is it?


So Far, So Bad

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Sorry to compound my failings in terms of indecision, but I did give it a try on Blogger and put quite a lot of effort into it. Sadly, I just found the Blogger/Blogspot platform too darned idiosyncratic for my tastes and, in the end, I simply couldn’t be doing with that.

For the time being at least I will continue to blog here, although I will, of course, persevere in my search for other options and I might even try installing the WordPress software on my main website – something I didn’t really want to do. Still, that should be interesting!

PLEASE, bear with me and, as they say, watch this space…

A Problem Solved? – Part 2

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As I mentioned before, here’s part two of this post, but it’s over on this blog on the Blogger/Blogspot platform – here

A Problem Solved? – Part 1

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Well, not actually solved, but maybe altered, or lessened even. I guess I must be some kind of an idealist or something like that because I’m almost invariably disappointed by technology.

Take for instance – the hosts of this blog: WordPress is, in my opinion, a superb platform and in many ways superior to Blogger – BUT (and it’s a big but) they stubbornly refuse to allow their users to get into the mechanics of the thing. It’s true that you can do almost anything you like (supposedly) if you use it by downloading the (admittedly free) software from and installing it on your own host. But that’s the point, isn’t it? Your own host – which you not only have to pay for, but you also then have all the trouble of keeping up with new innovations, additions and upgrades. Sure, some hosts offer that service automatically too, but then they don’t seem to offer me what I want for my main website.

So, here I am, screwed again and disappointed as ever. Why is that? Why is it always like that? One version of a piece of technology offers great this, but if I want that I have to go to another manufacturer or supplier who offers that – sadly, though, they don’t offer this! Just why can’t I ever find it all in one place? Still, with some trepidation…

here is the new (experimental) home for Scandalous

However, The Peach Tart tells us she is into a period of “self reflection” in her post Would You Like You If You Met You? My answer to that scary question would probably be a resounding, “no”, but I’m not sure that’s particularly relevant. However, it has made me question all sorts of things, which I will explain in greater detail later.

In the spirit of trying to get my readers to follow me onto the Blogspot platform, part two of this post will be on the new site, but I’ll have to see what happens, because I don’t honestly like it all that much – considering the giant that has produced it, it’s a bit “clunky” to my way of thinking, to be nice about it.

PLEASE, take a moment to go there and tell me what you think about this right now over THERE on the new site