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It’s a Real Scandal!

Posted in Scandalous! with tags , , , , , , , , on August 16, 2009 by AF

No Adam - You Show Me Yours FirstGod made everything about 6000 years ago according to creationist thinking. That’s dinosaurs, people, the lot. I don’t, I must admit, read the Bible as much as I once did, or perhaps should, but if memory serves me correctly, it all started with Adam and Eve. Great English names those – shows just how much God favoured the Brits, eh?

Anyway, so apart from the dinosaurs and all the other animals and insects and stuff, there was Adam and Eve – and they ate an apple that they weren’t supposed to and Eve got pregnant. Is that right?

So, I might be a few thousand years late, but I really want to complain about that bitch! I mean, I’m sure it was all her fault, tempting poor simple old Adam that way…

And what have we got now? Wars, famine, rape, incest, financial disasters and the rest; all because Eve couldn’t keep her legs tight shut and leave the bloody apple on the tree! Right? None of our modern horrors would exist without the seductive schemings of that lustful temptress – no car accidents, no train crashes, no disease and death and pain – no people in fact!