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Adam Frayle

I’m Adam Frayle and I’m a novelist and author of short stories and other works – including this, the Adam Frayle Blog.

I was born in the UK near London, at a fairly early age and rather a long time ago, which is why I now have to deal with being so much older in reality than I am in my head. Still, I guess I’m not alone in that and most people have an idea of what they regard as an ideal age. Some of them though seem to me to have been born in their eighties, rather like the Tom Hanks character in the film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. Sadly, unlike him, such people don’t usually seem to get any younger as they grow.

I have to admit that I like experimenting with different genres, but my favourites are always light-hearted romantic fiction and scf-fi that is based around humanity, rather than alien monsters.

Since I have a science and engineering background, I suppose that’s where the interest in sci-fi originates, but I’m not entirely sure where my love of the romance genre comes from and I can only assume it must just be because I adore women – well, most of them at least.

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