Fickle Now Seems To Be The New Essential

Once upon a time I posted to my blog pretty much on a daily basis – sometimes even more often. I also used to check the blogs I liked the best several times a day. Now it all seems to me to be changing and I’m not alone in that.

Recently, as I’ve visited other blogs in my blog-roll, it appears that fewer and fewer are posting on a regular basis. So, apart from the odd half dozen to whom I can remain faithful, I’m going to have to search out new people to add to my list. Consequently, since I seem to often enjoy those sites written by female bloggers, that means I’m going to be off seeking new women to follow around. At my time of life! I ask you! Is it too much to ask for a little constancy in these modern, fickle times of ours?

Of the eighty or ninety blogs I once followed diligently via RSS, about a third have disappeared altogether over time and less and less post regularly. What do you think has changed? Is it now essential to be fickle and seek out new places to find interest? With the increase in so called online dating, which should often in reality now be called online hooking up for the night, so it appears that everything else has gone the same way too and my impression is that the only current constant is the steadily decreasing value of fidelity, be it with respect to matters relating to sex, friendship, or any other sort of relationship.

What is changing? Is the instant gratification offered by the internet and buying online now permeating all aspects of modern life?


5 Responses to “Fickle Now Seems To Be The New Essential”

  1. Instant gratification from the net? Come on…

    • Hi. Thanks for commenting. Please visit often.

      So, you sound like you don’t think so? Once, we would walk, or drive, or otherwise go to a bookstore, or a video store, or many other sorts of shop; browse, ask questions, and then perhaps buy something. Or, a person would read the local papers and search the personal section for a member of the opposite sex seeking companionship. Then they would write off in reply to their selection and hope for a reply. Now, for many, if they can’t get it online and hook-up for tonight, download it, or even view/play it online right now, then they are too impatient to consider waiting and move on without buying. That’s how it is these days.

      So, yes – instant gratification. Whether that’s desirable or even satisfying, I leave to others to decide, but the gratification, such as it is, is (in my opinion) indeed often “instant” when compared with a few short years ago.

  2. sweetopiagirl Says:

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  3. I am stunned and sadden to have just read the email from Adam/Chris’ family saying he’d passed away from a heart attack on Jan 30th. I am so very sorry to hear this news and send heart-felt prayers to his wife, children and friends. Adam was one of the good guys and I always enjoyed reading his blog and interacting with him.
    xo jj

  4. I am so very sorry to hear of Adam/Chris’ passing and am offering up my prayers to his family and friends. He was a very sweet, considerate person and his writing reflected this.

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