There Is An Incongruity In Our Universe

I may temporarily lose all my sex mad friends and (even more sadly) some of my female readers at this point, although those two groups may be one and the same, if some of our discussions are anything to go by…

Anyway, wearing my Sci-Fi hat, there is a problem (a real problem) with current scientific theories about our universe…

The cohesive force that holds the planets, the star systems, the galaxies and indeed the whole universe and everything in it together – even you and me – is gravity. It affects everything. Yet, if the so-called “big bang” theory is correct (and it seems that it probably is) then there appears to be an anomaly. If gravity is pulling the universe back, then why do the galaxies look to be speeding up in their flight from the centre, the original big bang that created the whole of our universe billions of years ago?

The answer seems to be one of two. Either there is another, even greater and as yet undiscovered force than gravity, that is pushing the universe apart, away from the centre, or there is a force (such as gravity itself) that is pulling on the stars and galaxies from outside our universe and pulls them even harder the farther they get from the centre.

There is one other question that is confusing (to me at least). If the universe came into being from nothing simply because that’s what can happen – an energy singularity or point of energy can appear and explode into a whole universe (or something along those lines) at any point and time in the nothingness of infinity, then why are there no new universes appearing within the boundaries of our current universe? Is it that the existence of the universe itself, precludes the formation of another in the same space? If so, there may be other universes all around ours (just as there are stars all around the centre of our galaxy and galaxies all around the centre of our expanding universe.

If that’s so, then is the gravitational pull of all those other universes the force that is speeding up the expansion of our universe?

Well, I at least think that’s an interesting question, but then I’m an anorak when it comes to scientific “what ifs”.

I just thought I’d mention this in case someone wants to take the trouble to shoot the theory down in flames (I do love a good argument debate)…


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