I Spy With My Little Eye

I spy something beginning with “S” – Yup! It’s the Blog Spy again…

However, this time it’s something a little different. If you’re easily embarrassed or don’t like the subject of sex then I guess this won’t suit you – but then again, if you don’t like the spicy stuff, why do you read this stuff I scribble anyway? What? Did you not figure out that the “S” stood for sex – one of my favourite topics? Aw, shucks, honey.

Nevertheless, this young woman has recently started a blog and is exploring her sexuality and that of others in some detail and fairly openly – apparently both in writing and reality. It isn’t quite as titillating as it sounds, since she’s quite serious about it and writes with humour. In any event, I prefer the more experienced members of the opposite sex, but I imagine she’ll get there, as practice  (so the saying goes) makes perfect. On which basis, it shouldn’t take her very long.

Anyway, this work of hers is part of her studies as a journalism student at university and her writing is quite good, so why not call in at her blog and give her some encouragement, eh? She may of course cease to blog once her studies are done, but I actually hope she keeps it up after university (no pun intended).

The blog in question is named “Sauce and the City” and the post I think I liked most so far from this saucy young lady is this one entitled “My Mother, On Sex” – isn’t it interesting how the younger generation has this belief that parents can’t guess exactly what their offspring like to do in private?

6 Responses to “I Spy With My Little Eye”

  1. Well, I’m feeling kinda saucy today… I’m off to check her out.
    Thanks Adam.

  2. BarbaraA Says:

    Parents truly have NO idea what their children do in private. That’s because parents have never, ever had sex. And they never will. Never mind where their children came from….

  3. Sauce and the City Says:

    I was really apprehensive when I gave you my blog link- I suddenly felt shy about my writing style, my content, everything! I’m glad to know that you didn’t think it’s complete trash! Thanks so much for this, too!

    • I don’t personally think there’s anything wrong with your writing style – it will of course change and develop with time (maybe for the good and maybe not – only the time will tell that), but I like your work pretty much as it is.

      If I may be so bold, I think if I could give you one piece of advice in life it is this (and it’s personal rather than about your writing): Yes, you must have the humility to learn and study and receive constructive criticism – that’s how your talent will progress – BUT above all, learn to develop your ego as far as your work is concerned too. You cannot be all things to all people, but the most talentless jerks can make it huge on TV, etc., and (in my opinion and for what it’s worth) you do have talent…

      Good luck for the future and you are welcome… 😉

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