I Wish Them Well

I apologise to those of my readers who expect my usual flippancy, but I kind of feel a need to say this…

I don’t normally post much about things political… However, whilst I can’t imagine that my opinion matters much to them, I would just like to say that I do wish the Egyptian people well.

I have serious doubts as to whether things will work out as they wish, but I do hope so. Mubarak, although President and an autocratic leader, was (I suspect) little more than a figurehead for a pretty nasty regime and I wonder how much difference his going will actually make.

Still, good luck to you all and, should you actually succeed in carving out real democracy for yourselves and future generations, would somebody there please be kind enough to explain to the EU and the US how it’s supposed to work – because we don’t seem to have quite figured it out right somehow.

End of serious message – now, where did I put that list of jokes? 😦

2 Responses to “I Wish Them Well”

  1. girl du jour Says:

    The United States seems to have become all about greed and increasing profits for corporations and those that are already extremely wealthy.

    No longer “The Land Of Opportunity”.

    Who will buy all their crap and line their pockets if the rest of us die off from starvation?

    • I’m afraid you’re all too right and yours is a VERY good question, but one that seems to have occurred to few of the elite… Sad…

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