I’m Not Sure Why

I’m not at all sure why, but I really liked this post here, in fact I enjoyed most of the blog, which is well written by an obviously level headed lady.

I know I haven’t posted much recently and feel free to give me a smack for that (ooooooh, nice… again?). However, I have been rather busy doing other things and, for some reason that I’m not quite sure of, I have found the blogosphere somewhat boring of late… The fault is mine, I know, but that’s little help.

The consequence of all that is that I’ve been trying to search out for a few new sites that provide inspiration. I wouldn’t say I’ve been all that successful – when one ignores the fanatics, the spiteful and the just plain loony, it can often make finding interesting blogs quite difficult. I do find a little insanity interesting, often delightful and frequently quite refreshing, but I’ve never found it easy to suffer absolute idiots gladly (particularly the aggressive ones) and there does appear to me to be a lot of those out there.

That said, you might notice from my blogroll that I tend to favour those blogs written by women and, whilst I’ve never been a fan of things domestic, including the raising of one’s offspring, I do prefer to read the opinions and thoughts of the female of our species. That’s probably part of the natural heterosexual thing for a guy like me who actually likes women,  but for whatever reason, I found much of the above site just plain interesting.

In fact, I think I’ll try to make a regular feature of searching for new blogs and bringing the ones I like to you guys here – well, fairly regular at least (you know me too well to expect me to be uncharacteristically dependable, don’t you?)

So, when you have a moment, please go check out Barbara A’s blog and tell me what you think…


2 Responses to “I’m Not Sure Why”

  1. Wow! Thanks for reading and of course, thank you for taking your time to tell others about it. Writing a blog is a great learning experience for me. It’s neat finding out which postings strike a chord in others. I’m doing my best to post each Sunday, so keep reading. Thanks again! Much appreciated. Barbara A.

    • My pleasure and please be assured I meant it – it’s one of my (many) failings – if I don’t feel like saying anything good, I rarely say anything at all and yet I’m quite happy if people disagree with me on my blog – constructively at least – I enjoy the discussion. I know – weird, eh? 😆

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