Um – I’m Afraid It’s Me Again Big G

I’d hate you to see me as always moaning… Eh? What do you mean by that? Well, anyway, like I’ve said before, I get a bit confused by the things people who are supposedly your reps say and I wonder how you feel about some of it.

There’s the Catholic thing for instance… well, we’ve skirted around this before, but the idea that people who clearly cannot afford, or don’t want, children (or more children if they already have some) should not use contraception, is just plain daft to me – sex is either for fun, or it isn’t and, if it is, how can they justify preaching to couples, married or not that they should not use birth control? Seems to me like nothing more than a straightforward attempt to increase their following with respect to other religions… Eh? Well all right then, how would you interpret it? Like I said, sex is for fun, or it isn’t – if you’ve made it that way, then who the heck are these jerks to argue with your idea? Well, yes it’s quite true, I’m arguing, but then I don’t believe in you, remember?

Aaanywaaaay – that wasn’t my main point – I was just saying – as an example. Try another one then… What about all these various religions and all the pompous rubbish a lot of them spout? I mean to say, if you exist and if you’re in charge, then don’t you think it’s about time you exerted your authority and put a stop to all this balderdash? If some group or other has it right (which I seriously doubt), couldn’t you just arrange to show all the others up for what they are – charlatans and lunatics – or better still take a few minutes of your no doubt valuable time to turn up here on Earth and tell it like it is, so we all know once and for all?

I know that’s perhaps a lot to ask and some of your self appointed reps here would have us believe it’s all some sort of a convoluted “test”, but really! Are you kidding me? Religion has been the excuse for so much conflict, war, torture, death, destruction and general mayhem for so many thousands of years, if you’re really there and if you’re really such a loving god, couldn’t you just fix all this bickering and hatred once and for all…

Who knows what humanity might become if you took all that dissent and silliness out of the equation, eh? Well, I guess you do know… supposedly.

Thanks for listening – again – if you were, that is…

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