You Know, I Quite Like Stephen Fry

I admire Stephen Fry and I enjoy most of his programmes on TV and  radio. In fact, to me, he’s often a very funny man. However, I have to wonder at his otherwise undoubted intellect after his recent statement that, “Women don’t really like sex.” If you really want to read the whole article that discusses this in the UK’s Daily Mail, then you can always go here, but I can’t imagine you’ll want to.

I mean, how wrong can a guy be? I’m not sure why, but I would somehow have expected that a gay man would have a little more understanding of women (who are admittedly a breed apart to most “straight” males). Nevertheless, just because women have a different agenda from men has little in my opinion to do with how much they do, or don’t, like sex. Both sexes are equally excited by sex and, left to their own devices and unfettered by society’s conventions, I venture to suggest that women are at heart just as promiscuous and just as randy as any male. But – and it is quite a big “but” (no dear, I’m not being rude about your rear – it’s “but” with only one “T”), our conventions do still have a huge effect on behaviour. Furthermore, women want to have babies (many men, at heart, if they’re honest, which most are far too scared to be, want to father babies and little more).

The female of our species, on the other hand, is driven hormonally to conceive, but more than that, she instinctively feels the need for protection (that she doesn’t really have much use for at all these days) for herself and her child during its rearing, so she looks for a mate and, if he’s any good, she sets out to keep him. That means, if necessary, remaining faithful and doing her best to stop him straying too, or he might find he enjoys the alternative(s) more.

Yes, women undoubtedly use sex to control men and to entice them into relationships they might otherwise not wish to enter into, but that has nothing whatsoever to do with how much women like sex – it is solely due to the fact that many women are much, much tougher than the average male and can go without anything if doing so will be of benefit to their offspring.

So… how about it then, honey? Aw, c’mon… you know you want to….

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