Are Our Own Lives THAT Boring?

In the UK’s Sun newspaper recently, the top story covering almost the whole of the front page was… wait for it… Cheryl Cole’s divorce from her “love rat” husband, Ashley Cole. Minor news items like a second explosion on another oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico and the fact that house prices in the UK have been falling again at the rate of £92 a day during last month, were consigned to inside, lesser, pages – that’s way inside, well after the tits on page three. About the only good thing I can see in that story making the front page is the fact that they were at last leaving Tiger Woods alone.

Why? Why do they print this nonsense? Why is all this whole “celebrity” thing of any interest to them at all in the first place? The answer is of course – because it sells papers, so who can blame them? But what concerns me is what does that say about us? Are our own lives so boring, so mundane and uninteresting that we can only get pleasure or excitement from seeing and reading about the day to day lives of these often pretty insignificant people.

So, Cole, a quite good footballer “cheated” on his quite pretty, moderately good singer wife. So Tiger Woods was off keeping his hand in (and other parts) whilst he was away playing golf. So what? Yes, it may be bad behaviour and yes, I’m sure lots of celebrities are not very nice people when you get behind closed doors – in fact some of them are downright nasty, even in public. But are they behaving differently, or doing anything that millions of ordinary people aren’t doing all the time?

Well, no, of course they aren’t and that’s my point. Why do we care? Why do we somehow get some kind of satisfaction from the fall from public favour of people like Tiger Woods or Ashley Cole. Woods is famous because he is a brilliant sportsman, as is Cole. Why should we care that they are just as nasty and unreliable in their “private” lives as that unpleasant next-door-but-one neighbour of ours, or indeed as we ourselves might be? How does that in any way enrich our lives one iota?

It all seems very strange to me, but I’ve got to stop there because I have to go and read today’s Screws News of The World in order to discover who’s having it off with whom this weekend…

What do you mean, I’m only jealous?


6 Responses to “Are Our Own Lives THAT Boring?”

  1. Humans have an insatiable need to live vicariously through others—the good, bad, and ugly. It’s the bad and ugly that makes us feel better about our own lives. Sad? Of course. True? 100%. Great post!

    • Thanks and I’m afraid that you are absolutely right. Although I also wonder sometimes if there isn’t something rather fundamentally wrong with our society too…

  2. I hear you… We had three non-stop days of Paris Hilton being busted in Las Vegas for cocaine. It was the lead tv news story every day!

    What’s even sadder is when a crackpot like the guy in Florida who wants to burn the Quaran makes international headlines and pisses a billion and a half people. The guys a nutcase but every news outlet is all over him like he’s “news”.


  3. It makes us feel better about our own sad little lives. I think these people have their own PR people who turn it into news. I once made the sad mistake of looking at the Daily Mail online. Oh dear…and to think people read that junk. There is a market out there for this junk I guess for some unknown reason – it will always remain newsworthy while people out there buy magazines…and newspapers and read online news.

    Um so where the hell have you been for two months? Time you came back to writing somethign really contentious – mmm I am sure you can think of something. Take Care

    • Hi Lilly – really great to hear from you again. I tend to think that your fellow countryman, Rupert Murdoch, has much to do with the dumbing down of the media in general and many newspapers in particular. For instance, I never manage to get past page 3 of the UK Sun newspaper if I pick it up… 😆

      Yeah, I know. Sorry, but I’ve been kinda busy and I got bored with this for a while – what with there being no sexy Australian chicks around much to inspire me… 😉

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