The Other Side Of The Coin

When I have nothing more pressing to occupy my mind, I do tend to waste spend some of my time trolling the internet for interesting items and I found this one quite fascinating.

In truth, it actually made me feel a whole lot better about myself, since one of the things I can at times find annoying is the saintly types – the goody-two-shoes – the people who really are “holier” than me (rather than the hoards of usually fairly unpleasant people who like to think they are, but are actually just busybodies and/or control freaks).

This article here explains the situation very well, but it amounts to a description of an interesting piece of research carried out in American universities. At first it looked to me like yet another of those pointless studies where people in the know manage to obtain grants to do a study on why people get given grants – or something equally fatuous. However, this was different and I applaud it simply because it has made me feel better about myself. Apparently, I am absolutely normal when I find these “too good to be true types” irritating! My reaction along the lines of, “Ugh! Get a life for heaven’s sake!” is a not just me being testy and getting old – well, it might be, but I can take comfort from the fact that I’m at least way in the majority in that respect, so it really isn’t just me…

Phew! That’s a relief! Now all I need to find is a study that confirms that lechery is the norm and anything else is peculiar…


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