So, I’m A Blog Stalker

I was wandering around the blogosphere (as I have a habit of doing from time to time) and I came across an interesting site here – the specific post I’ve linked is by the blogger’s daughter and it seemed like a pretty good one to me, but I liked much of the rest of the blog too. I noticed also, though, that it said quite prominently that if I didn’t comment, I was just a blog stalker.

I get the sentiments and I imagine it’s just a fun comment – a light-hearted joke designed to encourage comments. However, in spite of the reproach, I didn’t comment – I might do so yet, but I didn’t on that occasion – so I guess that makes me a blog stalker…

To take it just a touch more seriously for a moment, though, there are many reasons for not commenting – not least of which is the simple fact that I wasn’t (as I’m often not) logged into a blogging ID. Secondly is the fact that the blog is on Blogspot (Blogger), which if security is enabled (especially with word verification engaged too – why do people bother with all that junk?) is simply too much of a pain in the arse to bother with, unless you really, really have something you want to say.

In view of all this, I’d like to make a plea to all bloggers out there to take off all the controls and security features you reasonably can and see if it helps (in time) to encourage a better and freer “community spirit”. If your trust is abused, you can quickly block the abuser, or reinstate the controls one at a time until it stops  – it’s hardly rocket science.

Like most bloggers, I also like it when people take the trouble to comment, but I understand when they don’t – it’s their right and I’m pleased if they have (hopefully) visited and read what I write. I have the Akismet spam filter in place and very occasionally a genuine reply gets caught by that, but it’s rare – other than that, if you want to say something here, please feel free and, if I really detest or am offended by what you say, I can just delete it, can’t I? So, what’s the big deal?

Everyone seems to be more and more nervous about almost everything these days and we appear to be becoming almost afraid of our own shadows. I’m not sure, though, that the fear of the threats most people seem to be afraid of isn’t often far worse than the “threats” themselves – if they exist at all.

So, if you want to comment here, then I’ll (probably) be delighted to read what you have to say, but if you don’t, then I’m almost as pleased that you at least stopped by and read my drivel. On the other hand, if you didn’t, then I won’t of course know about the fact and you won’t know I wrote this, so neither of us should be upset about that either, should we?


4 Responses to “So, I’m A Blog Stalker”

  1. I’m not a word verification fan either but I’ve tried turning it on a few times for a few days to “break” the spam. (Like when I get 300 spams in one day.) But what I found is that the spam turned up on very old posts so I changed my Blogger settings to allow comments on posts 2 weeks old max– If a comment comes in on an older post I have to approve it and POOF, the spam disappeared….

    Long story short– I totally agree with you. Sometimes there are too many hoops to jump through for a simple (translation- short) comment.


    • Thank you for that and good tip. As I said in the post, I use the Akismet spam filter which is excellent, but that might be a WordPress only feature, although I thought it could be used elsewhere. It’s very easy and very effective.

      Part of the problem can also be that Blogger often seems to “miss” open ID at times too and, with word verification on, it can take three or four goes to get the comment to “take” so to speak, by which time one is often beginning to think, “WTF,” or something similar.


  2. Yes I did the same as JJ, I was getting loads of spam that would go on older posts and I couldnt control it or delete it easily. They use your site for advertising if the comments are left on – something to do with search engines. And looking at some of the links I did not want it connected to my blog.

    I have turned off comments for the last couple of posts because I just dont get round to everyones blogs and I like to do that if people comment. But then I just had a nasty email from someone saying how rude I was not accepting comments. Sheesh! You cant win.

    PS I was expecting an institution to finally get back to me today as promised – they didnt of course but it seems they are finalising things and giving up. They got sick of me in the end. And rightly so. that is a saga I want to push to the past ASAP.

    I also have to think about your latest post. Strangely I dont compartmentalise bits of a relationship like that. Its like juggling balls really, one false move and it ends in tears. I will come back to that one.

    • Hi Lilly. Nice to hear from you and I’m glad things are (hopefully) improving for you at last.

      Yes. The comment thing can be a minefield, but I think people make it difficult at their peril if they want to maintain the maximum interaction with other people.

      I was sorry to see that you turned off comments, but I do understand and it’s your blog for heaven’s sake!

      As to that last bit – yes I can see that and I don’t really compartmentalise things quite that way either – I’m just asking the question and wondering if some relationships at least would perhaps be better off if they COULD separate things somewhat. Different things are important to different people. In fact, you’ve even said it yourself in the past – it’s not infidelity that really the problem, it’s the lies and the breaking of trust.

      I agree with that, BUT I do feel that convention and upbringing have pre-ordained that we sign up to things at the beginning that are not really all that important in the greater scheme of things, but that they can’t really admit to because they feel bound by an outdated agreement and that their partner would be outraged or hurt, which is I’m sure not at all true – and then in desperation some of them cheat, which is even worse.

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