Love Thy (Blogging) Neighbour

I was intrigued by something said by Sarah, whose excellent blog, Etcetera, Etc., always seems to me to have something interesting to say about life. She doesn’t pull any punches when talking so very honestly about sex, women and relationships (How dare you! Of course that’s not the only reason I like her blog!). However, in truth I frequently find it to be an all round interesting blog about life in general and all sorts of things and, above all, I probably like the honesty best – you can check it out for yourself here

Anywaaaay – I hope she won’t mind me quoting this little bit of her email to me – she had this to say when I pointed out that her name against comments on my blog doesn’t link back to her blog, just in case she hadn’t realised that fact (which she apparently didn’t)…

“[…]While it would probably be in my best interest to promote my blog a little bit better, I like leaving comments for people when their prose makes me laugh or strikes a chord; not for the purpose of self promotion[…]”

I must say that I applaud that attitude and it’s exactly what I do myself – I do read a whole lot more (much of which I thoroughly enjoy) than I comment on and that’s probably not in my best interests either.

I’m not judging anyone here (even spammers, though robot generated comments are a real pain in the ass) – just agreeing on a very personal level with Sarah, but I do wonder about this process. All the perceived wisdom on this subject suggests that, in order to expand your readership, you need to visit other blogs and comment and I do try to do that, but I only seem to be able to work up any enthusiasm for that when I find a blog I like and, even then, in Sarah’s words, something has to “strike a chord” of some sort before I will comment.

However, there is another side to this when looked at the other way round. I love it when people comment on my stuff and that, I imagine, is mainly because I assume they’ve taken the trouble to read what I wrote and it amused them, or made them think about the subject, whether they agree or not. The fact that people comment gives me a little fillip and encourages me to continue writing the drivel I do – I know, you’ll all stop commenting now in the hope that I’ll go away, but I probably won’t – I’m stubborn that way.

That is, though, part of the reason I usually also take the trouble to reply to comments left on my blog because it seems to me that most of them are thoughtful and, if people take the time to give me an opinion, then common courtesy (for me) dictates that I should think about that and respond.  In any event, it’s simply a fact that engaging in any kind of discussion (however briefly) on any subject whatsoever with others from around the world has got to be a good thing, hasn’t it?

So, please keep on commenting and I do promise that I’ll at least try to do a bit better in return in the future. The world is shrinking and our communities are growing and, sooner or later, that has to be good for humanity, doesn’t it? As Winston Churchill once famously said, “Jaw, jaw is better than war, war!” and as long as honest opinions are being expressed, talking together has to increase understanding somewhere along the line.

6 Responses to “Love Thy (Blogging) Neighbour”

  1. Well colored me surprised to see myself quoted. You raise an excellent point about how “the world is shrinking and our communities are growing”—if not for the internet, most of the prose composed by Bloggers would go unrecognized and most definitely unpublished.

    I never really considered the fact that I am part of a “Blogger community” but I certainly am it is time that I recognize how fortunate that makes me. My readers, while small in number, have given me this venue to express myself—I need to reciprocate and comment.

    Thanks again for the “plug” for my blog—:)

    • Yes, I agree completely and I’m very much in the same situation – I do this largely because I want to, but we do quite automatically form ourselves into groups without meaning to (it’s pretty much human nature anyway) and we do have some kind of social obligation to participate – especially if we want people to hang around and return.

      …and my pleasure- of course.

  2. Sarah has a fabulous blog that is honest and funny and heartfelt all in one.

    I never thought about the email link not linking back. I think it was a button I automatically checked way back when I first started blogging.

    Hope all is well with you Adam.

    • Yes. I too love her honesty – and she’s so funny as well.

      I’m fine thanks and I here YOU TOO are now fine!!! I will be over at yours to read about it later…


  3. Oh thanks for the link – its great to get new blogs to read.

    I am never sure about the whole comment thing either. I used to comment on heaps of blogs but now only some (your being one of them because you are such a great writer with a level of sarcasm that gels with my own, ha ha).

    I have been preoccupied with a load of other stuff in the last year so am not such a loyal community blogger any more. However, I like the fact you can leave it and come back to it when life works out that way. I cannot imagine ever not blogging now. Its been two and a half years for me. Hard to believe.

    • I’m glad to hear you’re still a committed (if currently sporadic) blogger because I feel much the same about your writing as you very kindly said about mine.

      Nevertheless, life has to come first and sometimes that means we have to let things like blogging take a back seat for a while.

      I think I will always leave your site on my reader in the hope of new posts appearing, so never fear, I’m stubborn and you won’t get rid of me just by not writing for a while 😆

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