What Are You Searching For?

I suppose the initial attraction between any man and woman usually has a sexual element to it, at least before they actually meet and there’s certainly that perennial question regarding the presence of “chemistry” (or not) once they actually do meet, but what happens then?

Well, I guess the selection process begins in earnest after those initial minutes have passed and the mutual chemistry appears to have mysteriously turned up on cue. Even if a girl’s just looking to get laid (and that more male approach to sex is becoming more and more prevalent these days amongst women), I reckon most women do consider other things – like how polite and attentive a man is and how he makes her feel about him, or even about herself.

On top of that, little things she may find out through conversation will influence her decision to continue – like how domesticated he is, how good a provider and maybe even father she feels he will be. She might like the masterful type and a few will want a man who will be submissive, or play that part when she demands it.

Along with that instinctive first dose of sexual magnetism of which she may even be barely conscious herself, all these things will probably be considered by any multi-tasking mistress of her own destiny during the first few hours after an interesting meeting – even if that initial introduction only led to a brief chat that is perhaps followed by an invitation to a meal, or drinks, or perhaps a show, or whatever.

So there’s a lot going on there and, for a longer term relationship to develop, the discerning female will want to investigate and explore further all those aspects of the guy to confirm or modify her initial first impression. If he checks out and stands up to further scrutiny, then that relationship may move quite quickly on from its more humble physical beginnings.

Eh? Oh yes, sorry – I forgot. What does a man want?

Well, that’s about as easy as it gets to answer – he wants a hot piece of ass, of course!

That’s pretty much it and it’s unlikely to change from day one to the end! It will still be so even if it lasts a lifetime and many other things become important along the way. A man’s gut instinct will always still be to desire a hot piece of tail – even when he can neither recall exactly why, nor quite what it is he wants to do with her.


4 Responses to “What Are You Searching For?”

  1. Shoot, had I been writing about what each gender looks for in the other and using my younger self as an example, the post would have been two sentences long:

    I wanted to marry a man with whom I’d be comfortable having my children spend alternating weekends, alternating holidays and 2 weeks in the summer!

    He wanted a hot piece of ass.


    • We-eeell – initially, I’m sure he saw you that way and it rarely stops having some degree of importance in a guy’s list of things that matter.

      Still, I’m sure he got what he wanted 😉

  2. I think you are correct and it makes me a little sad because I dont like to think of men missing out on so much more – being hot is about so much more. Ask Tiger, it has bought him clearly so much happiness.

    • Men generally prefer to keep things simple and straightforward…

      But then, of course, I suppose there’s always the possibility of a “tiger strike” to upset things! 😆

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