I have mentioned at times that today’s generations appear to me to have little sense of responsibility for their own actions, wellbeing and behaviour. It’s a generalisation, of course, and there are an enormous number of people both old and young who are delightful, considerate people with a real sense of both social and personal responsibility.

This superb post here on Lilly’s Life, though, does demonstrate what I mean. One of the comments on the post was by lisleman and quotes the fact that the WW2 generation has been referred to as the greatest generation because of what it went through and triumphed over. That’s an important and thought provoking point and it’s certainly true that adversity does seem to bring out the best in humanity.

Wouldn’t we all of us be better off in the long run and perhaps much happier if we stopped regarding it as someone else’s job to take care of us, our kids, our welfare and that of others too? I am not my brother’s keeper (if I had one – brother that is), but I do have a responsibility to my fellow men and women – I prefer the “women” part of that, of course, but then you know me, eh?

Seriously though, isn’t that “community spirit” that was much more widespread and obvious fifty and more years ago much of what is missing in these days of Social Security, Government Health and Safety legislation and government responsibility for this that and everything else? Haven’t we (most of us) perhaps just taken the easy route and now feel that we only need to pay into the system and we can mostly just abdicate any further sense of responsibility to the rest of humanity?

Is that the real downside of our modern societies – the loss, or at the very least the major decline, of any true sense of individual responsibility?

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  1. great stuff

    btw we took stuff

  2. Hey Adam, Sorry I’ve been away for so long– I’m just now catching up on my reading. I agree, it’s great to have Lilly back again.

    As for your post today– Sadly, I find the very rich and the very poor tend to fall into the “it’s someone else’s responsibility” category but middle America– the ones that ALWAYS worked 60+ hour a week jobs and whose kids got part-time jobs after school– They are the ones still working, even if it means flipping burgers, to make ends meet. I rarely see the sense of entitlement from middle-class kids as I do from spoiled rich kids and kids who have only ever known welfare. It’s a sad state for our country (USA) to be in but the gaps seem to be getting wider by the minute. I have no idea what the solution is 😦


    • Hi jj. Nice to hear from you again and you know you’re always welcome here whenever. 🙂

      I agree with you. Sadly, though so many of that once huge hard working and socially responsibly central group that kept everything going have been pushed into the less well off group these days and many have now been forced into “it’s someone els’s responsibility” mode simply to survive. Worst of all, once that becomes habit, people rarely revert – it’s just human nature.

      There are ALWAYS exceptions and temporary difficulties that many people experience, of course, but I’ve always believed that if a country’s economy, education and society is run properly, there should be relatively little need for welfare (although that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be there “just in case”).

  3. This is a tough one because there are lots of exceptions.

    In my country, the middle class is getting screwed and not having any fun at it. Things are tight; there is no relief for them. They fall through the cracks.

    Those below what the government deems ‘poverty level’ need help. There are programs to help them, and while those programs can always be tweaked for improvement, in my mind they’re necessary. The economy sucks. A job flipping burgers does not pay enough for anyone to meet their bills. Health insurance? FORGET IT! My step-daughter pays $2000 usd each month for health insurance for her family of 4…where is a poor person going to get that? And so it goes.

    And the rich? Please!

    It all chaps my ass, if you want to know the truth.

    • It’s the same in the UK… ” the middle class is getting screwed and not having any fun at it” , and yes, there are a lot of exceptions – but there’d be a whole lot less of them if the middle classes (and the poor too) WEREN’T being screwed by government in the first place. It’s a vicious circle! I think governments frequently do it deliberately to make sure they are needed! You get screwed, become poor and so you need the the government to help and they carry on screwing everyone and only they have any fun at it!

      Incidentally, it makes no difference at all if you have a left or right wing government – the right wing mostly doesn’t care and the left wing is so useless it doen’t help at all whether it cares or not – in fact they usually make things worse! 😦

  4. It’s actually true what Joanna says. Years ago I used to collect door to door for a charity. The richest suburbs were always the tightest – used to amaze me. I would never want money to have that kind of power over me. In fact, if I could I would be happy on a desert island with a few basic necessities and company of choice of course. Thanks for the mention, that is very sweet.

    • Yes, I agree. The trouble is that these days (in my view and taking a political line on it), there are a whole lot of the good people in the “middle bracket” who are rapidly sliding towards the poor end of the spectrum.

      I agree with you and a desert island with a a few basics and friends of choice would be absolutely wonderful to me. Talking of that, I wonder what Kylie and Angelina have planned for the future… I… er… I presume that if YOU came along, George would have to come too…?? 😉

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