You Fed Up With Me Yet, Big G?

Yup! Me again! Sorry…

Anyway, according to the Sarah Palins of this world you made everything personally in ten minutes flat – well, six days at least – and you did it all at the same time six thousand years ago. So, what I would like to ask is… well, not to put too fine a point on it… why?

I mean, look at it from my point of view – you must have had a reason for doing what we’re told you did… For instance: dinosaurs… you made all those huge, complex creatures that lumbered around the planet eating everything in sight – a lot of them ate each other. Then you let them die out – why would you do that? What was the point? Did you have some “stuff” hanging around on day five or so and think, “I know. I’ll make some big chunky things that can roam around eating everything.”? And then did you later think, “Oh boy! They turned out to be real crap. I guess I should get rid of them.”?

Don’t misunderstand me. You’re omnipotent and I wouldn’t want to upset you, so I’m not arguing or criticising… I’m just trying to understand… Does that make sense? You don’t mind, do you?

See, the thing is this… if you made things like dinosaurs and then decided they were a bad idea after what must have been quite a short time, how come six thousand years down the flaming line we’ve still got flies? What good are they? I suppose you could argue that maggots clean up crap, but other things do that too and if that’s all they achieve, couldn’t you just fix it so maggots reproduce on their own without turning into flaming annoying flies first?

Bees I get… they carry pollen and help the plants grow and make honey and stuff and they only ever sting if they get frightened, but flies? Ugh!

I guess this is just a little thing to you, but pesky flies can be a real pain in the ass to us humans – and, incidentally, to a lot of other animals too. I mean, if flies are your idea of a joke, then I don’t think it’s that funny anymore and I could go off you real quick – not that you’d care, I imagine.

And then there’s wasps…!!!

2 Responses to “You Fed Up With Me Yet, Big G?”

  1. Now we get the flies, but you dont in the UK do you? Or are you in sunnier climes at the moment. I think its because we get exercise swatting them away or because they are the dinner for some other insects and part of our ecosystems. God has a lot of questions to answer but I am hoping all will be revealed one day. I am counting on it.

    • Hmm… you may get your answers, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you… 🙂

      Flies in the UK? Oh, yes – they just wear wolly underwear and raincoats 😆

      Oh and yes – I’m not there – ugh!

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