Celebrity Life

The size and complexity of some celebrity homes absolutely amazes me…

Take this one, which apparently belongs to John Travolta… heaven knows how many rooms, sections, suites and even  houses within houses it contains – and it comes with “his ‘n’ hers” goddamn planes as well!

Don’t you think it’s perhaps just a touch ostentatious?




Then there’s Tiger Woods’ new pad too…




6 Responses to “Celebrity Life”

  1. I agree that’s it over the top as are so many celebrities’ homes. Just showing off. They probably only use a few rooms.

    And that’s where Tiger Woods should be. They do it just because they can.

    Just like a dog licking its own balls. Just because it can.

    • Ha, ha. Yes – you’re so right. Am I jealous? I don’t think so, though Tiger must have had some fun on the way to his new place 😆

  2. now thats what i call a house 🙂

  3. Hilarious. Personally I wouldn’t like planes parked out the front of my house. And think of all the cleaning and maintenance required. I have far more simple tastes. George lives in a villa in Italy – he does everything to perfection….

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