It’s Me Again, Big G

Yeah, I know – I can almost hear you sighing resignedly. Look, I don’t mean to question you… I mean, if you’re there (we’ve been through all that before) then I feel I should be able to ask you about things…

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about sex lately. What d’you mean – what’s new about that? OK, OK, so I’m a guy and I suppose I always have thought about sex quite a lot – apparently it’s what males do. But that’s my point… well, sort of… apart from the obvious, I really don’t think there’s much difference between men and women and particularly their attitude to sex.

What’s that? Six thousand years ago when you created…? Oh, I see – you’re being funny. I know, I know the creationist thing – yeah… crazy or what, eh? That’s the thing though, I mean, I’d like to know what your opinion is about sex and women wanting it just as much as men and all that stuff?

Look, if you’re real and a loving god and all that… you with me so far? Right… if you’re all that, why would you arrange it so that women didn’t want sex and men can’t get enough of it? That would simply lead to conflict and men hitting on women (literally – physically grabbing them off the street) from the day they both reach puberty, wouldn’t it? I mean, what else could result? We’d never have left the caves, would we – even if we’d got that far in the first place?

It seems to me that, if you really did create things at some point, it was a heck of a long time ago and you’ve simply stood back and watched where life – all of it – would go. The reason I say that is because sex in all it’s myriad forms is the way almost all life propagates itself and the higher the intelligence of a species, the more it seeks out ways to enjoy itself and that almost immediately turns into sex for fun as well as making offspring – for both sexes! Isn’t that right? OK, so sex may be part of a loving relationship, but responsible sex between consenting adults is just plain enjoyable whatever their relationship – one night or a lifetime – that’s right, isn’t it? Yeah, I thought I wouldn’t get a response to that. So, if you’re at the back of this and have taken any part in engineering it, then sex for fun is your idea and all this shit about only for procreation and being virgins when we marry and all that stuff is just crap from the goddamn churches, right?

Sorry, sorry… I’m being a bit profane, aren’t I? But you don’t care much about that, though, do you? I mean, you can see the joke in all this, can’t you? I bet you bust your sides laughing at some of the rubbish these jerks sound off about, don’t you? All these idiots going around saying that it’s your will that sex should be kept for inside marriage was just expedient stuff before we discovered proper effective contraception, wasn’t it? I bet you have a real good laugh at our expense…

Eh? Oh, don’t get me wrong – I agree wholeheartedly that we have a duty not to create life we didn’t intend – not least for the sake of the women that bear the kids and the children themselves – that’s something entirely different. But then, if we took a realistic, responsible and above all open and honest attitude towards all aspects of sex from the beginning – including accepting our joint desire for it just for fun – and stopped teaching our kids all this junk about it, the next generation would grow up with a much more healthy attitude to it that also respected the rights and feelings of others far more than now, wouldn’t it? That attitude might well spread throughout our whole way of behaving towards other people and the world could be a much better place without all that hypocrisy, don’t you think?

I mean, to me, sex is just a fact of life and I love it – it’s not the result of some divine intervention, is it? IS it? Why shouldn’t we all just embrace that fact and be happy about it? If you created sex for fun, then it’s just that – for fun, right? Not some weird test of humanity. You’re just not that twisted, are you? If you’re there at all, of course – and you wouldn’t expect me to admit to that, would you?

OK. I’m done! Thanks for the chat…

3 Responses to “It’s Me Again, Big G”

  1. I absolutely adore this post. I love these conversations with the Big G. I mean wtf? we look around and is that what he intended? Lordly I think not. I believe that God loves us. God wants us to be happy. I choose to believe that he is pretty much OK with what we do as long as it is done consciously (sometimes hard when you’re drunk or stoned) and are not bringing harm to others. Many things make us happy and SEX is one of them. I choose to believe that God is wanting us to have HOT WET PASSIONATE SENSUAL SEXUAL experiences to teach us more about ourselves and how we relate to other people and to deepen our senses. The seeking of pleasure is natural through for drugs and alcohol (for some), for others exercise, massage, yoga, meditation, and for others creating through art, writing, music, etc. Sex is an act of pleasure and a gateway into the soul of yourself and your intimate partner.

    Great thought provoking post.

    I would recommend to expand your horizons whether you believe it to be true or not, the book Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch.

    • Oh I do so agree (especially the bit about hot wet passionate sensual sexual experiences – he,he). Thank you also for the comment and the compliment. I’ll look into the book you mention too.

      To take it seriously for a moment… since (as I’ve often said) I don’t actually believe (with honesty – so I’ll have to have the courage to face whatever consequences there may be if I’m wrong), what I think is that, when we truly commune with “God” or Big G, we’re actually getting in touch with our own inner selves.

      If that’s right, then all I can say is, “Jeez! Don’t some people have some HUGE hang-ups, eh?” 😉

      Oh and PS: I think that good sex can actually be an art form all by itself 😆

  2. Oh I totally agree. Sex is great. Nothing better than passionate impulsive sex and actually for me it is a hell of a lot better because I am not trying to create a baby – that sounds far too painful.

    Kate xx

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