Once Upon A Time…

Perhaps I should point out at the start that, although this is a bedtime story of a sort, this is very definitely not something for the kids!

On a serious note, I think I should repeat that I simply adore women (at least most of them, as I’ve said before) and I just love to see them taking control of their lives (would that as many men could do the same instead of being pointlessly aggressive and kidding themselves that a big mouth makes a big man).

You may think this bit of information is pretty trivial, or rather frivolous, but I think it’s quite important and demonstrates very clearly just how far the females of our species have become truly emancipated. Nowadays, whilst they may care what any individual man thinks about all sorts of things (including them), many women at last don’t actually give a damn what the male gender thinks as a whole about them, or anything else for that matter – which, to my mind, is exactly as it should be.

So… once upon a time, sex shops were mainly seedy back street places mostly visited by shifty, dishevelled guys in dirty raincoats – or something like that. Not any more though! These days, a majority of sex stores are in the high streets and shipping malls, are brightly lit members of big chains and they are pretty up front about what they sell and what it’s for – and why not? More importantly, though, most of them claim that a predominance of their customers are women!

I can personally vouch for that fact in as much as, whenever I visit one, there have usually been as many or more women there than men – and, just in case just anyone raised an eyebrow… yes, of course I go to sex shops at times! Why should I deny it? And, it’s usually with a partner, unless I’m buying a surprise gift for my lady, of course.

Today, an example of how far the sex industry has embraced a sort of respectability is demonstrated by this piece of information on Forbes.com. Apparently, one Angelo Abela, an entrepreneur in Melbourne, Australia, has stores that look more like warehouses. He claims to sell anywhere from eighty to a hundred of one particular kind of vibrator a week and stocks thousands of models ranging from fifty to two hundred Australian dollars (approximately 45 to 183 USD) a pop. He’s looking for new products too – maybe like this innovative design: vibrators made out of ice that are produced by a company in the Netherlands. Reportedly, that company now wants to add flavours to the product! Hmm… now that’s an interesting idea! Tell me ladies, it never occurred to me before, but do you have taste buds down th…? Sorry! I guess that’s probably a question for later on, if we get to know each other better.

My thoughts here were triggered by this post by The Peach Tart – I’m just so in love with Peach – well, I suspect I would be, if I actually knew her in person! That being so, it’s probably a good thing that we’ve never met because, even if I were 150 years younger, I doubt it would be reciprocated and Mr. Peach Tart might get a bit pissed about it too.

I guess I’ve gotten off the subject again, haven’t I? Anyway, that post reports this proposed creation by Australian Jewellery designer Colin Burn – a limited edition of perhaps ten one million dollar vibrators made out of platinum and studded with diamonds. Some Christmas gift for the girl in your life, eh guys? Of course, she’s worth it, but… Then again, I suppose that maybe someone like Paris Hilton will buy all ten for herself and a few special friends.

To me, though, the really mind boggling item in his range is much cheaper (a snip at a mere eight thousand Australian dollars). It is the vibrator moulded out of white gold and also studded with diamonds and one large white pearl at its top. The price includes matching earrings and a necklace. Now that conjures up mental images and fantasies I will not even begin to relate here, but suffice it to say that it also involves diamond studded very high silver stilettos and not a lot else!

The one other thing the million dollar dildo made me wonder about is (as I commented on Peach’s blog), if a girl comes across hard times (and you can read that whichever way you like), might she want to pawn some of her her bling, or porn it?


5 Responses to “Once Upon A Time…”

  1. Yeah, I wasn’t quite understanding why you would have to encrust your battery operated boyfriend (Bob,as we call him) with ANYTHING, even diamonds! It leaves me with concerns about gem settings and cleansers (Bob, does after all, get showered).

    I’m all for warehouses of whatever. If I were single, I would absolutely require a written clear bill of health before I slept with someone. That being said, Bob would be my best friend. 😉

    • I’m sure that for a million dollars he’s going to have addressed the settings issue.

      However, I must admit that I’ve heard of women who are “expensive” and “high maintenance” – but I reckon this does take those sentiments to a whole new level. 😉

  2. I like my diamonds around my fingers, easier to clean that way…I’m just saying.

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