When Men Were Men And Women Were Desirable

Just a brief reminder: when I (occasionally) do include pictures, it’s often worth just running your cursor over them to see what’s there…

That’s both “then” and “now”, of course… but this great post by the Peach Tart did get me thinking about how our attitudes have changed during my inordinately long lifetime – well the last couple of decades or so, at least.

The post referred to a coming documentary in the US (I presume) about how average testosterone levels are dropping and men are becoming emasculated – or not! It’s certainly true that some species (such as sharks) can on occasion get pregnant and produce young without the attentions of a male. Perhaps human females are becoming more like sharks and men are reacting accordingly… did I say that? Er… well… you know what I mean – I hope!

If that’s really happening, then I must say I’m glad I’m not going to last the thousand years required for this to fully happen and be around when women will only want other women. That would spoil all the fun of life for most of us, I’d have thought. Still. You never know, do you?

Personally, I prefer the old fashioned way, when men were men and they adored and desired women – from afar if necessary when their urges were not reciprocated. Although, I tend to think that’s the thing that women have lost too… all that fun of men wanting them, but having that ingrained sense of decency that inevitably made us want to protect them and never to abuse a woman! Of course, there were exceptions – there’s nothing new about the existence of assholes. But isn’t there an observable trend in more and more men to treat women as equals – just not in a good way?

I’m sorry, but the fact is I guess that I’m just old fashioned and I suppose the most worrying thing is that I suspect I always have been. I like women to be strong and self-assured, confident and feisty, but still feminine and sexy and prepared to let me be chivalrous and protective towards them – even though they probably don’t need it at all. It’s just the way I was brought up I suppose, but I’m pleased to say that it’s always allowed me to feel manly and to think of the women I’ve met as feminine.

It seems a lot simpler to me than today’s version when some men and women seem to be finding it just too much to cope with and turning to their own sex for pleasure and excitement – I often suspect that may sometimes simply be because none of us knows where we stand any more with the opposite sex.

Of course, I still know where I stand – anywhere I can get a good view!

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8 Responses to “When Men Were Men And Women Were Desirable”

  1. Great post following up on the manly man dillemma. I agree with you. I love being the competent feminine woman and I like to feel like my man is equal but obviously strong capable and caring. I like to be treated like a lady and I love letting him play the traditional male role.

    • I’m with you, honey! Well, that’s metaphorically speaking you understand – oh, you know what I mean. Thanks for the kind words and I’ll just remind everyone that, when I do include pictures (not that often I know), it’s always worth running your mouse over each one to see what’s there 🙂

  2. Yeah, with all the things I manage in my life, I’m happy to have my husband care for and protect me…traditional roles for this otherwise quite liberal soul…..

    • Nice sentiment. I think that’s the point I’m making – maintaining the “traditional” roles (to some extent at least) just doesn’t prevent any of us from being confident individuals in our own right most of the time. If only everyone could see that, maybe things could get back to being a bit more relaxed and a bit more fun for a lot of people.

  3. Oh, I’m very much on your team, Frayle. I’m a big fan of archetypes, and I prefer my male characters (in life, as well as in literature) to be various shades of dauntless, my female characters varying degrees of delicate. John Wayne and Marilyn Monroe, Jimmy Cagney and Mae West, Indiana Jones and Holly Golightly. Is that how she spelled it?

    Anyhow, yeah. I completely agree.

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Lara Croft or Ripley from Alien, either, but I think their feminine traits are what brings out the brilliance. Imagine if they had been male! God, how bad the Alien series would have been.

    • Yes, I loved Alien (the first one), but you’re right it was Ripley that made it. Strange that.

      Lara Croft – now there’s a conflict of emotions to deal with – WOW! – yet you’re right again, Marilyn Monroe is still the sexiest woman who ever went to Hollywood.

  4. girl du jour Says:

    I don’t know, Adam… Raquel Welch is pretty damn hot.

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