Phrase For Phriday

These Phrases for Phriday are something that I started a while ago in response to a suggestion from one of my readers, the lovely PJ. They (I hope) provide examples of how Brits and Americans (and other English speakers around the world) are often, as the saying goes, divided by a common language.

I prefer to begin these light-hearted posts by admitting right here that I’m not at all sure if these are particularly solely British words and phrases. However, I have to start somewhere and that means making some assumptions… they sound pretty British to me, or to put it another way, these are instances when I believe those Americans and others I mentioned might be tempted to think, “WTF does that mean?”. But I’m providing nothing more here than my personal interpretation of the words in question. Of course, I could be wrong – nothing new there then, either!


This is not only British, but it’s even a bit more specific than that – northern English – although most of us southerners understand it only too well and often use it, usually with a wry smile when we’ve failed to get what we foolishly hoped we might.

Today’s phrase is…

Owt for nowt… this means anything for nothing as in, “If you want it, you’ll have to pay for it! You don’t get owt for nowt in this world.”

Alternatively, male chauvinists like me might shrug our shoulders and say, “You can pay for sex, or you can get married,  but it’s all the same – either way, you don’t get owt for nowt.”

Have a good weekend…  😉

2 Responses to “Phrase For Phriday”

  1. I live in the Northeast and we say shy bairns get nowt!

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