Phrase For Phriday

This time I’m a bit stuck. There were several phrases that I came across during the week for our Phrase For Phriday, but like the idiot that I am I didn’t make a note of them.

So, here I am and a bit stuck. If you want to accuse me of being lazy and not keeping the necessary records of thoughts and ideas when they crop up, I’d have to admit I’m guilty. Yup, guys, you’ve got me banged to rights on that one…

Hang on though… that’s it… that sounds pretty English to me.

OK then, my phrase this week is: Banged to rights… caught red handed… er, that’s not just English as well, is it? Well anyway. It means when the police (for instance) have all the evidence and your guilt is pretty much beyond dispute. As when the thief is caught leaving the premises with goods stolen from there and his fingerprints are all over the scene of the crime. The cop might say something quaint like, “OK, Joe. We’ve got you this time. You’re banged to rights.”

Have a good weekend…  🙂

2 Responses to “Phrase For Phriday”

  1. Banged to rights is English. Dead to rights is American. They mean the same thing. Caught red-handed.

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