This Blogging Thing

It’s weird! Just weird…

As I’ve said before, there are lots of different blogs and just as many reasons for blogging. For instance… There are the “expert” blogs about almost everything and from all sorts of people, some of whom have a very doubtful level of expertise indeed. There are also the “hard-line” blogs too, from the religious and/or political extremists who are always convinced that they are right in all things, despite any evidence there may well be to the contrary. The writers of those sort of blogs, of course, are intent upon telling the whole goddam world of their special knowledge and are hell bent upon converting the planet to their way of thinking.

I guess we can all see how the commercial and corporate blogs and the “How to Make a Million Dollars in Ten Minutes” ones would want it to be that way, but as to the rest… well, I have no idea why they have that so desperate need to be believed and “spread the word”, but there it is.

Ordinary blogs, though, like this one and a whole host of others ranging from “My Life as a Whore in Afghanistan” to “Little Willy Growing Up” to “What to Eat on Thursdays” and everything in between are much more personal and we tend to think of our readers as friends that we are chatting, joking and even sharing confidences with.

In reality of course, when babbling away like that, we may potentially be telling the whole world of the internet that our spouse has contracted a socially embarrassing disease, or even that our little Willy has a little willy, or whatever. Yet few of us give that more than a passing thought at the time, not because we don’t care, but because, in our minds, we’re just chatting to the few friends we’re writing for and they wouldn’t say anything to strangers, would they?

It can be extremely embarrassing and hurtful for third parties and, often, we wouldn’t hurt those people for anything in the world! And yet, as with all our words and actions, we accidentally do, sometimes, don’t we?

Ho hum… nothing in life is ever as simple as it at first appears, is it?


8 Responses to “This Blogging Thing”

  1. Admittedly I have fallen into the trap of using my blog to rant on others and it ended badly. I decided that if I were going to continue to post, I would no longer use my blog as a place to cleanse whatever ailed me—of course if I am talking about a celebrity or my own family, that is another story entirely 🙂

    Blogging is such a rich medium giving people the opportunity to flex their literary pipes and create prose to be enjoyed by a wide audience—a virtual audience. Your points are valid—nicely worded post.

    • Thank you. You’re absolutely right and blogging can be quite addictive for some of us. Most of us who do it wouldn’t lightly give it up. For some though, it’s the only way when family members object as strongly as they occasionally do.

  2. I had an incident where I wrote an embellished piece about some family members who I hadn’t seen in years and years but somehow they found the blog and all hell broke lose and caused a big family rift. I could really care less about a continuing relationship with those particular family members but now do refrain from talking much about family. Too bad because they were such good material.

  3. If someone is private or cautious, they tell only so much. I never write about anything or anyone that falls into the confidential file. That’s a big file.

    You’re right though….it can be tricky for some folks not to tell all.

    • I agree and you’re right, of course…

      But there is a tendency for some people to be “chatting” to what they regard as friends and there are personal (rather than confidential) things they would not feel it was wrong to tell friends, but that they shouldn’t (and wouldn’t) tell the whole world.

      Sometimes, though, people forget that the whole world could indeed hear it through their blog. 😦

  4. Some very good points made here, Adam.

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