Phrase For Phriday

As usual I’ve no idea whether this is just English, but I’ve listed a couple of expressions here that cropped up in conversations during the week.

So today’s phrases have nothing in common except that they a similar “feel” about them to me – London actually, but that’s probably wildly out…

  1. Sling you hook… If you don’t know, this means leave – GO! That’s as when you tell some annoying little twerp to disappear: “Go away! Sling your hook!”
  2. Drop a clanger… This means to make a mistake. Do a job badly, or maybe even mistakenly let a secret slip, as in: “Oops! Sorry I dropped a clanger there. I thought your girlfriend knew all about that blonde.”

Have a good weekend…  🙂

2 Responses to “Phrase For Phriday”

  1. Those are definitely English! Excellent! I have a great southern (states) expression for you: “If you’re feeling froggy, you’d better get to leaping.”

    As in, if you want to fight, give it your best shot.

    I love this foreign exchange program we have going!

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