I’m Shocked

I am truly shocked. If this reported statement had come from some aging redneck hate-monger in Mississippi or somewhere like that, I’d have been appalled, but not shocked the way I am, or perhaps even entirely surprised.

But this was apparently said by an undergraduate student attending a lecture on dehumanizing actions and he questioned the inclusion of rape – referring to it as “just” rape!

Apart even from the awful attitude it displays towards women, it shows a total lack of understanding of what sexual relationships and even sex itself is about. It’s bloody Neanderthal!

If that’s what educated young men think these days, then I despair of our culture, I really do…

Do yourself a favour and read the full post (it is quite a few months old, but that does nothing to detract from its validity)  here at Hecate of the Crossroads because this young woman puts it far better than I can.

4 Responses to “I’m Shocked”

  1. I just read her post…and I will say, I would be heartbroken if my son said something like that one day or worse yet, thought it.

    Excellent post and you are correct, there is great validity to it regardless of when it was originally posted.

    • I know. Apart from the awful attitude to women (which is obviously the worst and main part of this), it’s so sad to think that even educated young men still have so little understanding of the truly exciting possibilities for joy that are offered by real consensual sex. Anything less is so pale and pointless by comparison that, to me it simply wouldn’t be worth the effort, even if I wanted it that way, which I don’t, of course.

  2. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard men equating rape to sex…and told them outright that it had nothing to do with sex and everything to do with violence, abuse, power and control.

    It’s infuriating. The post was very well written.

    • The trouble is, I think, that because of our legislation/litigation driven society so many different actions are classed as “rape”. Everything from so called statutory rape between two similarly aged young people one of whom is a few months below the legal age of consent (however much they both want it), through a guy who gets carried away when his girl changes her mind halfway through, to a man lusting after a particular woman (maybe even they are friends) until he lets his desire boil over, to outright twisted degradation and violence against another human being – usually a woman.

      Whilst I don’t condone any of the above (well, possibly except the first instance – depending on maturity and circumstances), although they all involve a penis and a vagina, they have little else in common. In fact, each of my examples might well have endless variiations and degrees within them.

      None of that alters the fact that CONSENT is what it’s all about and what consenting adults want to do with each other is, in my opinion, entirely their own business. Anything else ranges from sad, to digusting, to “string him up by his genitals and leave him to die” vile.

      The very worst thing about all of it, though, is the pathetically inadequate attitude it betrays and that’s why I thought the original post was so important.

      There … this time it was me that wrote a whole post as a comment 🙂

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