Phrase For Phriday

Again, I’m not sure if this is particularly solely British, but it sounds it to me…

So, today’s Phrase For Phriday is an expression frequently used on UK TV, in the newspapers and by all and sundry… well, except for rappers and those young people with huge amounts of cred – their language is mostly a total mystery to me anyway and most other people I know.

Anyway, today’s phrase is…

  1. On the trot… this means one after another as in, “He was an average gambler, the horses he backed in all of the day’s races came in nowhere – all except for one, which is apparently still running three days later. So, he lost a total of five bets – on the trot.”
  2. The above phrase is not to be confused with a somewhat similar one: Got the trots… which refers to having a frequent, often urgent need for the toilet, usually during or following an attack by a stomach bug. I think an example of this is probably not really essential.

Of course there is another (and probably a bit more international) phrase using the same word and that’s: Hot to trot… which infers a readiness to get started. A man who suggests that his girlfriend is hot to trot would certainly risk a slap, whilst a woman who used the phrase to describe her boyfriend’s attitude with respect to their relationship would probably surprise no one.

Have a good weekend…  😉

4 Responses to “Phrase For Phriday”

  1. ‘On the trot’ is new to this American. The other two have, indeed, been used in these parts plenty.

    You’ve made me stop and consider that I don’t know what slang is solely American. Are you familiar with “He doesn’t know his ass from his elbow”, meaning he has no clue what’s going on?

    • Interesting and thanks. Yes, not knowing one’s ass from one’s elbow is an expression I would have thought was typically English – we’d say “arse” rather than “ass”, but we both understand the meaning perfectly.

      It is indeed quite difficult to figure out what’s British or American. Just the same as it’s difficult to prove a negative, it’s almost impossible to know what someone else does and doesn’t know until they start talking.

  2. I learn something new every time I come here.

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