I Used To Be Indecisive

…now, though, I’m not so sure.

There’s a strange dichotomy in blogland at the moment, but perhaps there always was and I’m just noticing it more. Perhaps it’s not even so and it’s simply down to which blogs I read. However, it does seem to me that it’s changing. There was a time when each blog I visited was very different from the last and there were so many varying subjects, styles and approaches that there was always something new and exciting to find.

That’s still so, but the good ones seem to be becoming much harder to find. It does appear to me that the styles, or more probably the subjects are become more polarised. They’re starting to fall into a relatively small number of categories. This, of course is a generalisation, but I do think there is at least a trend…

  1. There are of course the religious sites (as distinct from religious people writing about their lives or whatever interests them). You know the ones – the loonies – the God made everything in ten minutes and then had a tea break crew. Why? Why would an all seeing, all powerful, totally omnipotent being of unlimited intelligence make something like our world and then fill it with arrogant jerks like that? I ask you: is it likely?
  2. Then there are the music and entertainment sites that see Michael Jackson (or any other celebrity who’s just died), as the best thing since sliced bread regardless of just what sort of a horrendous person they were. Why do we say that about sliced bread? Do you like sliced bread. Sure, it’s convenient, but… I digress! Still, if that’s their thing, then that’s their thing, at least such writers are being true to themselves.
  3. Of course, there are the political blogs. More and more there are the political blogs. Sure, particularly in the West, politics is important to us and it’s good to have views aired, read and discussed. But some of the venom and bile spilling out in some of these locations! Wow! Where did that much hate come from?
  4. There are the community sites, which are mostly utterly banal and totally boring to anyone from a few miles outside of their locality, but whatever way you look at it, community is good! So I’m glad to see they’ve survived at present.
  5. Equally, there are the mumsie and dadsie blogs that are probably of no interest at all except for Auntie Maude who is desperate to see every last lousy photo of little Willy and his latest pet tarantula. But hey! If that’s their bag, then that’s their bag – right?
  6. The techie and geek sites that are often about computing would be useful to us all, if only we could figure out how to use them and what the f*** they’re talking about. It’s good use of the internet, though, so I wouldn’t dream of criticising those in any way, shape or form.
  7. And then there are the blogs like this – idiots like me writing about all sorts of varying crap and with little theme to them except personal opinion and thoughts of the moment – personal lives in fact, either directly or indirectly. This one’s pretty boring, I imagine, but some are great, particularly those that make me laugh – we just don’t laugh enough, do we? I mean, it’s almost impossible to have too much humour in your day when life outside of home (sadly, also inside home for some people) has become just so goddam dull these days.
    The fact is that I like eclectic sites and frequently sites by women – especially funny women. That’s perhaps because I (usually) like women, but you knew that, didn’t you? Below this, I’ve listed a few sites from my blogroll that I particularly enjoy – well, a free plug for a “friend” is never a bad thing, is it?

I think all those blogs in my blogroll (as well as many others that I haven’t listed) really are “Well Worth a Visit”, but I’d single out these…

The Hot Professional: Ree – One of the funniest and surely nicest women I’ve come across on the internet.

Seens From The Backs Of My Eyelids: The delightful P.J. What can I say? I disagree with her on religion and probably a lot more, but I love her and her writing to bits – I wish she’d sort out the commenting system (blogspot – relatively secure, but ugh!) to make it easier, but apart from that…

The Fifty Factor: Joanna – superb and often very funny blog from a great professional lady who writes with skill about life and some frequently typically American family experiences.

Lilly’s Life: A lovely and very funny Australian woman who’s take on life is often so amusing. She hasn’t posted a great deal recently, but I’m sure she’ll return with a vengeance when some personal problems are resolved (hire a couple of Eastern Europeans with big guns to sort it out, Lilly – you’re too darned nice for your own good!)


11 Responses to “I Used To Be Indecisive”

  1. This time I laughed from the point I read, ” the God made everything in 10 minutes and then took a tea break crew”. That’s one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time. I’m still laughing right now. After all, why would He take a tea break when things have been such a mess since that whole first apple scenario? 😉

    And, then of course came, ” do YOU like sliced bread?” After all, anyone who truly didm would never liken a dead anybody to it, would they?

    Here’s what I find in blogland, particularly among the female majority: there is this an openly expressed NEED to categorize one’s blog because “we all have to find a freakin’ niche so we can have a readership of thousands every week.” I think it’s a little delusional…just a WEE bit. The reason certain blogs have eleventy gazillion followers, and we know about them, is because they are EXTREMELY rare. I can’t tell you how many times I read apologies by young bloggers who haven’t yet ‘declared a major. ‘ That’s an American expression; I hope it translates.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are some genius, very specialized blogs out there, by people who create magic in their fields and then teach us how to at least attempt it. I read some of them daily and literally marvel at their know-how…but, that aside, I don’t like the color pink at all, so I can’t read blogs with photos of frilly pink stuff or breakable pink stuff, or artistic pink stuff, or practical pink stuff, and that constitutes a minimum 40% of al the blogs out there (she said with an evil laugh!!)

    Thanks for the special shout-out! You aren’t just articulate and funny, you’re kind and supportive too. And I’m truly terribly fond of the English spellings like: ‘colour’ and ‘generalisation’! You’re such a polished people, with manners and everything….. (okay, now I cracked myself up when I wrote ‘with manners and everything’, even though it’s true!)

    • Well, thank you ma’am. 🙂

      Mind you, there is a new breed of the English (fortunately still a small minority, although you wouldn’t realise it from the news) who do still, I think, prefer a certain type of politeness and don’t seem to want be rude – sadly, they have a tendency to stab or shoot you instead.

      “declared a major”?? I guess I can figure it out – it sounds a bit like sales rep talk to me, or office politics speak… ugh!

      • ‘Declare a major’ – when you go to college here in the USA the first year or two are general studies and then you MUST declare a major – a specific area of study that most of your subsequent classes will support…as determined by the curriculums laid out in each school.

        Hey, you should have a feature each week where you teach us an English phrase and we teach you an American one!!

      • Ah. Now I get it. So, “haven’t yet declared a major” means something along the lines of “I haven’t made up my mind yet” or to put it my way – I used to be indecisive, but now… 😉

      • PS: Yes. That sounds like a good idea, although I’m not sure I know what’s a purely English expression and what’s not – I’ll have to think on that a bit, eh? Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Had to stop and visit from your comment. PJ is one of my faves too so I appreciate your nod to her. I will check out your others!

  3. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’ve checked out your blog and love it. I’ll definitely check out these ladies.

    • Thanks for coming by and leaving me your comment. I really enjoyed your blog too, so I’m afraid I’ll be back 😉

  4. Thank you so very, very much. What an esteemed group to be included in!

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