A Wise Man?

A guy I came across recently produced a slightly and, to me rather surprisingly, miffed reaction when it was suggested quite nicely by a female relative that it was perhaps an appropriate opportunity to spend a little “personal” time with his daughter (which the situation in question clearly was). The guy, although more or less in agreement, somewhat pompously assured everyone that he thought he, “knew his own daughter, for heaven’s sake!”

Accordingly, I once again got to wondering a bit about our relationships with our various relatives and others.

Here are a couple of the things that occurred to me…

  1. It is said that it’s a wise child that knows it’s own father. That being so (DNA tests excepted), it’s an even wiser man who knows his own daughter – not least because, if men are from Mars and women are from Venus (and there is undoubtedly some evidence to suggest we should at least give some credence to that idea), then young women in or just out of their teens must surely be from somewhere way out beyond Alpha Centauri!
  2. What on Earth makes a man who has often spent the last fifteen years or so avoiding financial, as well as much of the physical and emotional, responsibility for his daughter think that he knows what goes on in her head? He still doesn’t even appear to understand why her mother left him when he became violent towards her, so I wouldn’t have thought women’s emotions and concerns were his strong point.
  3. He’s quite an otherwise nice guy and not unintelligent, so how come he’s got as far as middle age without managing to figure out that, like most men, he hasn’t got much of a clue what makes any woman tick?

Except that he’d probably have got all huffy about it, I might have suggested that maybe he should try talking one-to-one to his daughter and actually listening to what she says.

It’s a funny old world, isn’t it?

6 Responses to “A Wise Man?”

  1. sunnydelyte21 Says:

    I enjoyed reading this entry. Very wise writing.


  2. If I was to avoid judging this real-life fellow, but I was reading this post as though it were a story, I’d call the male character self-centered and ignorant. On one of my saltier days, I’d call him much worse.

    In reality, a girl learns about Mars/Venus relationships from the relationship she has with her father, as evidenced by the many women who become serially involved with the wrong men all their adult lives.

    Additionally, the best gift a man can give his kids is the example of how he treats their mother, regardless of whether they are happily married, or not.

    Let’s hope this girl has a good relationship with another strong male influence in her life (grandparent, uncle, coach, teacher, priest, etc)

    And the Alpha Centauri comment tells me you probably have a daughter or two. I’ve always thought teenage girls came from a fourth dimension. They are one scary species.

    • Fourth dimension – yes, I like that. 😆

      Yeah, I know what you mean about the rest. Very insightful of you. The girl in question is quite well balanced – she has a few issues, but then don’t we all? Her relationship with her father is far from bad these days too – in a way at least. I was just amazed that, unlike most of us, he appears to have learned nothing over the last twenty something years.

      Such is life, eh?

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