Worried About Credit Card Fraud?

Does the thought of using your credit or debit card online or over the phone worry you? Are you still a little nervous when you buy something online and, of course, you have to give your details in order to pay for your purchase?

Well, don’t be! Here’s a solution… 🙂

It would appear from this post over at Lilly’s Life that you only have to put your money (all your money) in one of the major Australian banks (The Commonwealth Bank) and, on the strength of a FAX with a photocopy of what looks like an old version of your signature inserted into it, they’ll give all your money to some third party who can then make off with it.

Then you won’t have any money left to worry about. Good, eh?

Of course they’ll apologise and correct the mistake, won’t they? Won’t they? Seemingly not! What they apparently will do for you is to claim that it’s all your fault they gave your money to someone else without you doing a damned thing, tell you to go to the Police as it’s not their fault and then “lose” the vital papers, which will hamper you in even doing that successfully and hopefully persuade you to just give up and do something helpful to them like jumping off a cliff, thus solving their problem.

Nice people!

2 Responses to “Worried About Credit Card Fraud?”

  1. The fact you can make me laugh over someone else’s woeful situation says something about you, or about me, or about this fun-filled world in which we live.

    First thing that came to mind after paragraph one? I’m proud to be an American where my banking is safe, but my investing is ever precarious.

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