What’s So Special?

Exactly the same thing I've always wondered about...What’s so special about people? Why do we endow humanity with such singular qualities when compared with other animals?

Sure I can see the argument that we’re kind of a bit more advanced than, for instance, insects. But, then again, we’re quite incapable as a species of displaying anything like the selfless cooperation that say bees or ants exhibit. In many ways, I certainly can’t see how we’re so much better than chimpanzees, or monkeys, or whales, or even dogs or cats or lions. We’ve developed technology – great! But maybe we just got lucky there and one thing led to another. So why do we regard ourselves as being so different? So bloody special!?

So, please understand that I’m not advocating this, or even suggesting we should change, but all that being so, I’m just asking the question…

We don’t take much notice if we see (for example) dogs copulating, or cows in a field, or even a couple of giraffes in the African bush having sex – on top of which we’re most of us fully aware of what couples living together like to do to each other in private: so why do we get all embarrassed and upset if a young man and woman get extra horny with each other in public? Heck, they could well get arrested even in the West and under Islamic law in some countries they may never be seen again even if the kiss!

What’s so f***ing special about humans?

Like I said, it’s just a question…


2 Responses to “What’s So Special?”

  1. Some of the, cough, great minds would say, “What sets humans apart is their ability to reason.” I say, “THAT’S questionable!”

    I can’t speak for others, but I’m not a spectator of any living thing acting amorously or copulating.

    As far as what makes humans special? I think humans are okay and animals are special. I truly don’t like people all. that. much. Shhh – don’t let that get out!

    • Yes. I think I agree with most of that.

      However, I won’t breathe a word (and I dare say few people read this crap I write) so your secret’s safe with me, honey.

      Shhhh 😆

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