Endless Dieting

Are you one of those people who are on an endless diet? Do you struggle to lose a few pounds over months and then drink a glass of water and put it all back on in ten minutes flat?

Well, if you are, maybe you’ll know how this woman who weighs 320 pounds feels. Then again…

What do you think she looks like?






 Now, hang on. That can't be right!

Huh!? Nice! But surely there’s some mistake…






OMG! Oh, my! Where did I put that goddam step-ladder?

Oh boy! Wow! High heels too!

See? If you’re an endless dieter, think on! You might not be overweight at all – you might just be a bit too short!

Apparently, the tallest (and very nicely proportioned) woman in the world lives in Holland. She is 7’4″ tall and weighs 320 pounds.


9 Responses to “Endless Dieting”

  1. He he – fantastic. I love this. I am tall but that is TALL. Look at those amazing legs.

  2. Consider this old school thinking: A young woman who is 5 feet tall should ideally weigh 100 pounds (the size of a freakin’ Olsen twin). Old school again – allow 5 pounds per inch of height thereafter. Yes, that’s what’s on those annoying antiquated weight/height charts at the doctor’s office. That means a 5’6″ woman should ideally weigh 130 pounds, a size 10 or less. (The average American woman is a size 14-16.)

    Using that old school math, I calculate the 7’4″ beauty should weigh only 280 pounds! She’s obviously overweight!!! 🙂

    I’d venture to guess that she’s smaller than the average American woman and just wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy taller. Her legs could probably crush you. I bet my husband wouldn’t mind dying that way!

    • Sorry, old school, but to me she’s in perfect proportion, which is what’s far more important and I never did like the “stick insect” types! Anyway, I’m with your husband – what a gorgeous way to go! 😉

  3. Now I know what I looked like standing next to the guy I dated a few years ago. He also was Dutch, and very, very tall, like this incredible woman. I know what you mean about the long legs, they were a huge turn on!

  4. girl du jour Says:

    I need to get some exercise!

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