You ARE Being Conned!

We’re All Being Taken For Idiots:

I realise that what I want to say in this post is not exactly fashionable right now, but it’s important because you’re being LIED to on a huge scale – we all are and most of us just seem to accept it. We lead busy lives and don’t have time to question everything we’re told, particularly when it sounds logical, but we’re the victims of an enormous con trick that involves a whole lot of untruths. Actually, most of the big issues we’re told about by “the authorities” is a lie or a half truth. It’s one of the many ways they control people. The really insulting thing, though, is that they generally rely on our basically trusting good nature in order to succeed in fooling us. Some Americans have seen how the right wing extremists can use misinformation to persuade otherwise decent people of the truth of things that are patently not so. But they are far from being the only ones using this tactic and some of the more mainstream guys have got it down to a fine art and use it on a gigantic scale.

An Example:

Take a few simple and well know subjects. In fact, for now, take just one. Climate change! We assume, because the establishment tells us so, that there is truth in the claims made about the so-called greenhouse effect, what’s causing it and how we might avoid or reduce it. Yet there is no independent evidence whatsoever for those claims. Such claims may of course be true, but the fact is that pseudo-science and the correlation of possibly totally unconnected facts are used to “prove” what biased groups and individuals want us to believe and that’s lying! Lying to you and to me and to the people and that’s disgusting!

To me, it’s a pretty arrogant assumption that mankind currently has any significant effect on the planet’s climate, but there are lots of other examples of the disingenuous claims made by politicians and so-called “experts”, but I’ll stick to this one for now. There’s nothing exact or totally certain about any branch of science, but the methods used to reach the conclusions that these people (the people who fund the research) want us to reach, are heavily dependent on statistics and, as someone once said, “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.” As is suggested in that quotation, the worst of all those lies come from the use of statistics, because they can be manipulated to “prove” anything you darned well please.

Hard Facts:

I dare say that many of you will think I’m just sounding off (again) and I suppose that’s an entirely understandable criticism, because these conclusions do appear to be so logical. So, in an attempt to show that it’s not just me being fanciful, please bear with me while I give a few concrete examples here.

I don’t doubt that, if they say so, our planet could well be warming up somewhat (although you tell most Brits that and they’ll laugh in your face and tell you they can’t wait). However, it’s a clever deception and the question we should ask is, warming up compared with what or rather with when?

I’m sure that most of you know that, using many different methods, from tree rings to coral and plankton, to gasses and other materials trapped in ice, to all sorts of varying and extremely clever ways, we can acquire and extrapolate figures for mean temperature and other data over the centuries, or even millennia  That information was used to produce the famous (now infamous) “hockey-stick” graph that showed a huge rise in temperature over the last hundred years when compared right back to the fourteenth century. Of course, the methods used to analyse the figures were debunked when it was discovered that the formula used would produce that graph from almost any set of figures you cared to drop in – even random ones you thought up yourself.

However, more important is the fact that when you go a little further back and start from around the tenth century, the earth was actually frequently warmer than it has been during all of the twentieth century. They picked a very convenient point to start, didn’t they? Another really important fact they also don’t mention very often is that the period from about 1350 to 1850 (the flat “handle” part of the hockey stick) is referred to by scientists as the “Little Ice Age” and I for one am darned glad it is currently a bit warmer than that!

As I said, I’m not trying to pretend that global warming isn’t happening at all, but I am saying that there is little independent evidence for it and certainly almost none that even suggests that it has much, if anything at all to do with humanity. In fact there is actually strong evidence that humans have little if any effect on what is happening, or on the so-called greenhouse effect.

Please take e few moments to have a look at this site here to see a somewhat technical description that does nevertheless show quite clearly that the majority of the gasses we’re getting so excited about are a miniscule part of the whole picture and that the probability is that the earth is simply doing what it does naturally. If that’s the case, then there may be little we can do about it, if anything at all. If serious global warming does occur, then that may not be good for humanity, but if we’re not causing it, it’s unlikely we can stop it, or even slow it down!

Talking Nonsense:

I found this gem here on the Internet…

Proof of ... nothing!

It was accompanied by this text…

“This graph shows how rising CO2 levels can be directly related to the rising average earth temperature. As you can see CO2 levels have a direct affect on the earth’s temperature.”

That’s TOTAL BULLSH*T! It proves nothing of the sort! If the figures can be believed (and they have a somewhat “corrected” look about them to me), it shows only that CO2 and average temperatures are both rising. It doesn’t prove any kind of a connection between them whatsoever. There may be one, but it should be proved properly, because otherwise, it could just as easily be that they are unrelated facts or, if there is a link at all, it might simply be the other way round – that increased temperature results in increased CO2! It’s pseudo-science! But it’s easy to look at the “facts” presented and see what the publisher wants you to see, until you “think outside the box” and question it.

Of Course We Need to Care:

None of this means that we don’t need to consider long term sustainability, replacing the internal combustion engine (which should surely have had its day by now anyway) and other things to help in keeping our planet clean, cared for and working as best we can. But big things like climate change? Well, reality or not, telling us that it’s proven scientific fact that we are responsible for it is just an out and out lie that clearly suits some powerful people for some reason. Quite possibly part of that reason is just that there are now one heck of a lot of people whose whole lives and incomes are tied up with it being the truth. Those people, companies, politicians and the whole greenhouse gas movement aren’t going to want it to be shown up as pure speculative bunkum now, are they?

Real Science Not Pseudo-Science:

We need real science to try as a matter of some urgency to discover what really is happening and to help us decide what we might be able to do about coping with it, instead of all this pseudo-science that is making one heck of a lot of money for a lot of people (including governments through increased taxes) and that completely clouds the real issues – what’s really coming and how are we going to live with it?

Not Convinced:

Still think I’m just being a loud mouthed, head in the sand luddite? Okay, well that’s your right, but before you go, there’s one quick piece of info I’d like to impart: the UK and reportedly the US too appear to be removing the actual temperature data from their websites and leaving only the “corrected” data available to all – including scientists who are not inside their friendly inner circle of “believers”! Please, just check THIS out and note the difference in the “corrected” graph that the authorities do publish and that simply bears no apparent resemblance whatsoever to the real (raw) data they are now not publishing.

Are we being conned? Oh, yes! You betcha life we are – and about so many other things too!

5 Responses to “You ARE Being Conned!”

  1. I assume you’re not a scientist.

    • Well, actually, yes – at least, more so than YOU are, but I have become saddened and disillusioned by the sheer BAD science applied these days to all sorts of things. If it’s necessary to resort to jargon overload and massive massaging of figures in order to explain your subject to intelligent fellow scientists from another branch of science, then you don’t understand your own subject. I’ve seen that trick used endlessly by poor scientists and engineers over the years and it stinks!

      Whether there’s a core of truth in this whole thing or not, these people ARE cheating and for their own ends. If the world can be shown to be warming up without screwing with the figures, then it’s probably going to happen anyway. Sustainability, pollution and all those things that are VITALLY important to us all for entirely different reasons quite possibly have almost NOTHING to do with global warming – that was first taken up and publicised purely for political reasons that had nothing at all to do with caring about the planet. It was in the UK and it was, as now, a giant con trick.

      IF it’s true (and it may be) then PROVE IT with GOOD HARD SCIENCE and not with fiddled figures that are modified by the constants and variables that are figured in and are simply designed to produce the result the assholes want to see (as is the current fashion)!

  2. Adam, You present some good arguments with great passion. I admire that. Perhaps I am the one with my head in the sand on this issue,and, if so, I’m comfortable – sand is warm on my bones and an excellent exfoliator.

    If I knew you better, I’d say something funny…but I don’t want to risk it.

    • Thank you for your comment. I really do appreciate it. It’s a huge subject with lots of different points of view, most of which have at least SOME value and validity. It does also deserve proper debate, which is hardly possible here, or with the often “adjusted” figures that are released. I’ve known a lot of “experts” in my life and quite a proportion of them were freeloaders, or just plain inept. Sadly though, in our world today, those who are most devious, or with the biggest mouths are the ones who get usually listened to.

      Don’t get me wrong here – I DO care about the planet and much of this is VITALLY important – I just HATE being ripped off and I HATE bad science from pretentious idiots who bend the truth or don’t make proper use of the hugely expensive facilities at their disposal.

      I think probably the biggest lie, whatever the true situation, is pretending to us that we can actually DO anything about this, particulalry with all the crooked means being used at present – and that’s BAD!

      All that said, I can take joke – on a good day – so, go ahead 🙂

  3. […] Well, you’ve all seen the figures and the graphs and the pretty pictures, but I found this. Although it’s a bit long-winded and it doesn’t look like anyone got very excited about it apart from one rather pompous twit who sounded like he thought he was something special, there could easily be an element of truth in it. See the post here. […]

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