Random Things That Surprise Me!

This is really weird. If you look very carefully, there are four distinct and separate perfect circles here – not the strange spirals it appears to be.

4 cirlcles

source here


I’m sure some will see this as sexist, but I’ve always adored older women even when I was young. I think that’s probably because I find real women (fit but curvy, not stick insects) physically sexy and the more mature ones seemed to have a more adult set of opinions and outlook on all sorts of things (including sex, of course).

However, taking a look at this picture, I think that my attraction to thirty to forty somethings needs to be extended – to heaven knows what age!

Young stick insects eat your heart out!

source here (and if you check it out, do scroll down and click to enlarge – perfect!)

These women are all documented as being fifty years old or over and, before anyone says it, I don’t give a damn what work they’ve had done, or not. Age really is just a number! GO GIRLS! Be proud!



And then there’s this…

found on this blog


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