What Is It With These People?

I’m not American, so I tend to say little about US politics unless I feel it affects the rest of us and UK politicians just make me feel ill, so I don’t mention them much either. But there are times when I wonder just what this planet is coming to.

It’s a bit like when bureaucrats (oh, how I loathe some of them) get all officious in what is clearly simply an attempt to increase their own sense of self importance and in fact justify their own existence. But in this instance a small but significant number of apparently small-minded US citizens are playing constitutional Russian Roulette with their whole country – and that could affect the rest of us.

It may well be that President Obama is playing an astute political game of chess over his healthcare proposals and that what he finally expects to get is not what’s most obviously on the table at the moment. Furthermore, I think his policies are misguided in as much as, desirable though his ideas are in theory, reality rarely matches anything close to theory when any service at all is run directly by government. Basically, healthcare almost everywhere in the industrialised world requires a huge rethink, because most of us simply can’t afford to support a system that offers the sort of healthcare that is daily becoming more sophisticated and vastly more expensive.

Nevertheless, I really can’t see why seasoned politicians and activists (mainly on the right of the Republican Party) would even consider, let alone condone, the evil “rent-a-mob” actions that are clearly taking place at meetings designed to explain the proposals to (and discuss them with) ordinary people across America. What is the point of spreading the lies, filth and half truths that these people are using to cloud the issues they so violently disagree with? What happened to reasoned argument and sensible discussion? Furthermore, I find it absolutely disgusting that TV channels can buy into this vile behaviour in the manner that Fox News apparently is according to so many rational sounding posts on the Internet. Using the power of TV to spread that sort of hatred is entirely anti-democratic and, to me, totally abhorrent.

I think the worst thing about it all, though, is how far these people plainly are removed from reality. I can understand that things that I don’t give damn about are vitally important to others – that’s their right and mine too and they have a democratic right to hold their views and express them.

But politicians buying into this crap? Now that’s something else entirely and it shows a really frightening lack of understanding and caring for the good of the country. Such people can only be seen as chasing fringe votes – the votes of the nasty, bigoted minority who would brook no opinion other than the disgustingly vile opinions that they hold and wish to see forced onto all of us by any means they can achieve. That way lies pure dictatorship!

The right wing of the Republican Party does this time and again. They hounded Bill Clinton over Monica Lewinsky to the tune of millions of public dollars spent on a matter that, though possibly bureaucratically important, was entirely trivial to most Americans – which was proved when they re-elected him and showed quite clearly that they didn’t actually give a sh*t about his love life, or the spiteful values of the nut-jobs! More importantly, it all wasted an enormous amount of valuable time for themselves, their party, the presidency, the legislature and it severely damaged US standing in the world along with the wellbeing of the country and its citizens. Ultimately, because of America’s size, that affected all of us.

And now we have the Obama birth certificate thing…

Do most normal Americans actually give a toss? NO! Absolutely NOT! The fact is that a majority of the electorate voted him, the man they saw and connected with, into office and whether some ancient bit of paper may or may not have made him strictly eligible in bureaucratic terms is almost totally irrelevant now. The people wanted him, not even necessarily because they seriously expected he would be the Superman they hoped, but simply because he was a better bet than the sh*t that the Republicans put up as an alternative!

Republicans (and at heart I probably am more or less Republican in my outlook) get real! Wake up and smell the coffee! Instead of bogging yourselves and everyone else down in this mire of nonsensical crap, you need to work on getting the right people and the right policies in place for the next election, right now (note what happened to the Tories in the UK and the misery that has created for the Brits). Get rid of the wing-nuts! America – heck, the world – cannot afford for you to suffer such abject failure and obscurity as you are heading for at this moment!

Just for once, think of the people – think of your country first! All of it!

8 Responses to “What Is It With These People?”

  1. W-W-W-Wait a sec – are there actually bureaucrats you like????????????????? Is that possible? I thought bureaucrat was a four letter word.

    Those fringe votes of which you speak (particularly those of the POWERFUL so-called Christian rightwingers…and I use the word ‘Christian’ only because that’s how they refer to themselves, not because they are) are often just enough to get elected. That’s how Bush got his second term.

    Right now, my country is full of hate mongers – fueled by prejudice- and they’e taking every opportunity to misrepresent things and cast Obama in a bad light. I see it everywhere. I hear it everywhere. And the sad part is, our country was in such bad shape after the Eight Year BUSH Debacle, that Jesus Christ Himself would be having a difficult time trying to effect change without fueling some uprising. (You want to see a good movie? Rent “W” about George W Bush. It speaks VOLUMES.)

    In our country, major network television – ABC, CBS, NBC – is called ‘left wing’ by the Republicans because, on those channels, they report what more closely resembles the facts. They actually do something called “Fact Checking.” Imagine that!

    We have a middle sized network channel called Fox News and cable channels like CNBC and MSNBC – all leaning proudly and heavily to the right…and they fuel this hate mongering with sensationalism and supposition. They mince their words to intentionally confuse and INCREASE RATINGS because CASH IS KING.

    And currently, the people who are most confused and most gullible and most afraid are the people over 65. The health care bill scare tacticians have done a superb job of screwing with the American public.

    I’ve rambled.

    • Yeah, you rambled, but it’s a very enlightening ramble – thanks. Scary stuff!

      Bureaucrats I like? Well, there was this woman I knew once who worked for the government by day and was a contortionist by night… Nuff said! 😉

  2. Yea…its really too bad when people think for themselves.
    Its so funny, disagree with the last administration and your thought of as “Brilliant, patriotic and an all around good American”
    Disagree with this administration and your thought of as “A rent-a-mob, uneducated and (as Ms. Pelosi said) Nazis”
    Its a fact, not everybody agrees with the socialization of America.
    For 8 years the most fashionable thing a person could do was disagree with the president. Now that theres somebody in the white house that is so far left, Hugo Chávez said he has to look to his right to see, the fashionable….EXPECTED thing to do is simple fall in step, accept, and ask no questions.
    If it was such a god health plan The world would rejoice and there would be no opposition, and congress would happily join this plan. But it isn’t, and they won’t.
    It really is too bad people still have the right of free thought and free speech. When that gets taken away, nobody will debate the plans from the white house. Simple enough solution.

    • Yes, you only have a right to say that BECAUSE of free speech.

      I can’t say I support socialism in any extreme form either, but if you think you know what socialism and authoritarianism is – you haven’t got a CLUE! Go live in Britain where the state has more control than the old East Germany EVER did and you’ll see what centralised state control can become – more CCTV cameras per head of population than anywhere else in the world.

      In my opinion, you SHOULD question these proposals strongly and consistently, partly because you’re entitled to and partly because I don’t think they’ll work.

      HOWEVER, the thing that worries me is the WAY it appears to be happening. The right wing of the Republican party (just like the extremes of any party) gives off all the signs of being no more than a bunch of hoodlums – gun toting, loud mouthed, bigoted and generally uninformed except for half truths and lies. The Tory party in the UK gave exactly the same impression by becoming a one issue party with a few bigoted jerks driving and they’ve spent twelve years in obscurity as a result – the upshot of which is the UK has been virtually destroyed by the sh*t we have in power now.

      My point is your party should GROW UP! There are loads of genuine concerns and shortcomings that can and should be questioned about this without resorting to the hatemongering that is going on.

      Obama is black – who cares? He’s a democrat and the majority of Americans voted for him, so again, who cares? There ARE socialist elements in what he appears to be proposing and THAT is a genuine concern for a lot of Americans. Why can’t you attack that sort of thing with reason and without giving off and making yourselves look stupid and bigoted – or is that really the way you are? It surely can’t be so of more than a fringe element – so why let the wing-nuts take over your show?

      It’s perfectly possible to be caring and sensitive to the needs of those less fortunate without becoming a totally socialist society and giving away everyone’s hard earned dollars. THAT should be the logic you bring to this – not “Obama’s a Nazi,” which if you were old enough and educated enough to know anything at all of the real Nazi era, you would know is just so much UTTER BULLSHIT!

      As to the previous administration, most of the world loathed that man and his greedy stupidity was in large part responsible for allowing the crap world economic situation to develop as it has. Don’t blame Obama if his answers don’t immediately work, because what he’s attempting to deal with is SO BAD that it’s doubtful if anyone could fix the sh*t that George W left behind.

  3. Your the only one who mentioned color, and bigotry, doesnt that make you the bigot?
    You mentioned blaming Obama, does that mean you blame him?

    You say things like not educated enough to know, well…actually I am educated enough to know, I don’t want a nazi state here.

    This is a perfect example of what is happening. I perfectly legitimate disagreement to your post and your response….insults, accusations and race baiting. Thats how it goes.

    As far as the previous administration, no they didn’t ruin the world economy. This administration however, has spent trillions, that’s trillions with a T, of money it doesn’t have. And continues to spend trillions in addition to the trillions it has already spent, that it doesn’t have. Meanwhile telling the tax payers ” YOU have to save, YOU have to control your spending, YOU have to cut back.” While the wife is wearing $500 sneakers and serving $100 per pound kolbe beef at dinner parties that the tax payers payed for. The point is, obama is killing the dollar faster than anyone else could have ever possibly dreamed of.

    • Oh …. don’t be a total dickhead all your life. Have one day off at least. YES BUSH DID F*CK THE WORLD’S ECONOMIES ALONG WITH GORDON BROWN IN THE UK!

      As far as the rest of it goes, I don’t give a damn about ANYONE’S colour, race creed, politics or whatever – IF they can manage to be INTELLIGENT and LISTEN!

      On that note – thank you for your input and, since you won’t pay any attention to what I write, please don’t attempt to comment again.

      Thank you

  4. No problem, thanks for proving my point.

    • You have a point?? Unless you are a total jerk and you actually are a hoodlum, you might have realised I was more or less on your side, even though I don’t agree with the tactics being reportedly used because I think they are stupid and counterproductive.


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