Sex Is Still Important

It seems that we apparently have a number of leaders and icons who have relatively normal sexual appetites – well, that at least is a relief!

A lot of women and a huge number of men seem to think that being committed to one person automatically destroys natural libido, or should. What a daft idea! Well, I’ve got news for you guys (that’s an asexual ‘guys’): if it did, your sex life would be the first casualty!

Now I just know I’m going to get all sorts of shit over this (or it’ll get ignored altogether), but all the scientific research available tells us quite clearly that monogamy is not a natural condition for most people, or indeed for the vast majority of the animal kingdom – male and female alike! Promiscuity is the natural order of things. I’m not saying here that we should necessarily act on that objective, but it is just plain natural and ordinary!

Nice Ass!If a person is ‘normal’ then, just because they hooked up with a partner and probably promised fidelity as part of that deal, it doesn’t change their basic sexuality one jot. They might kid themselves (or even wish) that it will, but it won’t. Sure, when chasing courting a prospective mate, particularly for more than just casual sex, a man or a woman will usually develop ‘tunnel vision’ and only have eyes for that target. Furthermore, they might well (hopefully will, if that’s what they both want) stick to those promises, but it won’t change a thing about their natural sexual instincts – and they are continuously telling them to notice and ‘fancy’ other members of their preferred gender.

Nice Ass! If Victoria Would Only EAT!So, in my opinion: ladies, when your husband looks at some hot chick and you can see the thought, “Nice ass!” written all over his face, don’t get all uptight because it’s simply proof that he may be married, but thank God he’s not actually dead and it’s simply a compliment to you that it’s still you he wants to go home with and bed. Equally, you jealous jerk of a husband, just because your wife looks at the hunk on the beach, or flirts a little with some personal trainer or other, just smile to yourself and enjoy the stirring up of her libido that will make her hot for you later when you’re alone together – if you’re a bit sensitive for a change and play your cards right, of course!

I don’t dispute for one moment that we should all learn to only act appropriately and not to automatically follow our every urge – society simply can’t (and hopefully won’t) accept that and quite right too. You can change the way people react and behave by proper education that teaches caring, consideration for others, honesty and understanding. But you cannot suppress anyone’s basic instincts except by indoctrination, or to give it a more appropriate title: brainwashing! If you were to succeed in suppressing our natural urges in that way, then the human race would die out, because it is that basic sex drive that has so far made us one of the most successful animals on the planet. Anyone who preaches otherwise is, in my view, either misguided, or just a complete tosser.

Nice Everything!And lastly, and I know it’s slightly off this topic, but it demonstrates the point because my reaction to this is simply, “Hot, or what!” and that’s because I’m what I’ve been talking about – normal. It’s also proof of what I commented about in my previous post – that age is just a number … HOW old? But then I always did fancy thirty plus year old women who were ‘fit’ (in all the senses applied to the word), even when I was seventeen…


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