Blood Sweat and Takeaways

Sorry for the caps (shouting) in this piece, but this makes me mad as hell! I’ve just been watching this sort of reality programme on TV and I am almost ashamed to admit that I’ve turned it off. The fact is that I say I’m almost ashamed to admit that I turned it off is because I really am ashamed to be British after watching that! What a bunch of useless f*cking wimps!

The task, apparently, was to build a mud wall to keep the water in, out, whatever and they needed to do it quickly. But we had, “I don’t feel well,” and “There’s no proper bedrooms,” and “I normally work in an office,” and “Mummy usually does that,” and… blah, blah, blah.

For God’s sake! Get real! If you need to build a wall before the high tide of the week/month comes along and wipes it (and you) out, or the monsoon strikes, or the hurricane hits, it’s no f*cking use whatsoever whining, “But I’m not used to this.” IT HAS TO BE DONE! NOW! PERIOD!

These people live in a culture where there’s an excuse for everything and they have NO IDEA how much of the world survives! What a useless bunch we are. Brits are so used to complaining and making excuses and blaming someone else for the trials and tribulations of life that they have NO CONCEPT of how to work till they drop, or the task is complete – or else die or go without!

I’m sorry, but the old English gentleman’s standby of, “It matters not whether we won or lost, but how we played the game,” is just so much total BULLSHIT! In the real world, you won or you’re dead. That’s reality! Not all this shit we live by in the UK these days.

Brits: wake up and smell the coffee. THAT’S why we are a dying race, even in our own country!

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